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I’m a pack rat.

last week I recycled a whole bunch of paper-products cluttering the workspace.

I held up the packet of information from that firm — the one with their “Top 10 places to work” re-prints, the description of their benefits package, the business cards of the people who I interviewed with…  I evaluated the packet for several moments.  it had been a year since I had interviewed, and I was thoroughly disappointed when they didn’t extend an offer.  since then I had reconciled it to myself; it would have been a good move, but it wasn’t a make-or-break moment in my career.  it’s probably all for the best.

normally, I would have held on to the packet — a memento of the process and something I might look back and reminisce about in the future.  but this time I tossed it in the recycling.

and this week, that firm made a deal to buy our firm.

this only serves to reinforce my pack-rat tendencies.



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omg.  I’m dying here.

“he picked a woman for vice-president thinking we’re stupid and we’d vote for a woman.  and it was just a white woman.  I mean, why didn’t he pick… oh, what’s her name, uh… Conda-lay-lay”

and no, she wasn’t saying it like Condi is her friend, she said it like she really didn’t know what Ms. Rice’s first name was.

“and I was disgusted when that person in the crowd called Obama an arab and he said, ‘No No, he’s not an arab’, like being an arab was a bad thing or somethin’…”

ugh.  the woman called Obama a Muslim, which was clearly trying to tie him to muslim extremists and terrorists.  what should McCain have done?  if he didn’t refute her comment right there and then, he would have been perceived as condoning it…

I need a set of in-ear noise-canceling headphones before this cubical-hell drives me batty.


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game changer?

I know the night is early and there are a lot of votes out in California, but I’m looking at Obama 13,786,707 — McCain 13,533, 528 as the popular vote stands right now.

That’s Obama’s 49.9% to McCain’s 49.2%.

Sure, the electoral college is 174 (Obama) to 69 (McCain), but where is the big landslide?  Where is all the rejection of the Republican party?  Where is the mandate for Change?


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20M ‘extras’ in the next season of Lost?

that’s the only way I could logically interpret this AP headline:

UN: financial meltdown will create 20M lost jobs

I mean, why would someone create a lost job?  some kind of insurance fraud?  looking for a government handout?  “I swear, I just created a bunch of jobs, and now their lost — can I get reimbursed somehow?”

look between your sofa cushions; these lost jobs have to be around here somewhere

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W, what is it good for?

actually overheard this morning at the cubical:

Awww, W came out this weekend?
I wanted to see that.

What’s that about?

It’s all about George Bush,

aw yeah, I wanted to see that too.
What’s the “W” for?

[no response]

“W”… “w”
ugh ah, War, what is is good for,
absolutely nothing, uh huh…

I swear I was sitting beside a live-action episode of Get Your War On, only with the IQ turned down by about 50%…

oh, and this just in, curtousy of my cubical-neighbor:

we aint’t even gonna have Christmas this year.  you want Christmas, you better send us another check.  send everyone a thousand dollars, and then maybe we’ll go shopping.  and I heard the stores aren’t even gonna have sales this year…  [nuh-uh!?]

I’m thinking of quitting my official job here and just declaring myself an embedded reporter.  yeah, I’ve been watching too much Generation Kill; but it’s eerily similar.

I’m Oscar Mike…


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least original vanity plate ever

I drove past an IS250 today with the vanity plate: LEXUS.

why, WHY, would you waste the extra money to re-iterate the manufacturer of your car?  I know the word “Lexus” is on the car somewhere, and it has all the little (L) emblems; it’s not like it was a rare or customized/un-badged model.  odd.

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“invest in college affordability”

this was something Obama said in the debates tonight, but I have no idea what it might possibly mean.

how do you invest in college “affordability”?  invest in technology that makes delivery of higher educational ‘services’ more affordable?  or are they just talking about cutting the cost of college through some subsidies/loan-programs?

college has never been so accessible to so many people — by definition, that’s affordability.  look at the numbers of people attending college year over year for the past 10 years — I bet it’s never gone down.  those people are all funded by something that is making it affordable enough to not skip and jump straight into the labor force…

I joked about this with several MBA students last week at an alumni event I attended; I said, “oh yeah, you guys have it so hard,” — and they all laughed back.  it was nervous laughter, because they’re unsure if the investment in this Masters degree will pay off for them when the Wall Street jobs they aspired to are being cut back, but they know they’re investing in their futures and that’s a good bet.


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