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no longer dialing 1

I’m sure it had nothing to do with my previous rant, but I’m happy to report that Comcast (at least in our area) has resolved the “dial 1 for long distance” defect.  I know it’s actually by design, and probably required to meet some obsolete requirement, but in today’s day and age it was a defect.

I noticed it when I dialed-back a caller-ID number the other day — the call went through, even though it was clearly “long-distance” and my home phone doesn’t do anything special to add a 1… then I tried just straight dialing an LD number, and it worked no problem.

good stuff.  soon I won’t have anything left to rant about.

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the uninsured

now, I don’t think the first caricature is very fair — those who can afford health insurance and choose not to buy are just as likely to be joe sixpack as they are to be tea-sipping elites (is that who that first guy is supposed to be?). “…but I don’t want it” is too simplistic; “I can afford it, but it’s not a priority” is probably more realistic.
I know, because I was that guy (with a dash of “Super 18-25 year-old”) for a while. I believe the Kaiser plan I researched at the time was $125/month; but I was indestructable (and playing hockey at the time too, as I recall).

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and you think you’re poor…

seen at work this week:

Eligibility:  Residents who are 150% below the poverty level.

If anyone is 100% below the poverty level (which is defined by income), their income is $0.  150% below the poverty level would imply that they pay someone 50% of the poverty level just to, what, breathe?

Surely they meant “residents who are below 150% of the poverty level”.

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more on the Real Celebrity Apprentice

Annie Duke: Joan Rivers is a Full of S*** Drama Queen 
It’s submitted by “Guest”, but it sounds like it could easily be a real post from Annie.

Gamblers Claim Annie Duke Got Hosed in Celebrity Apprentice Finale

‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Annie Duke defends herself on ‘Ellen’
Pre-finale, and I haven’t actually watched the clip yet, but it sounds interesting. 

And the actual quote from my other post:

Joan Rivers: “You are a two-faced person. You have said I’m a cancer. You said you hoped I would die. You never said it to my face!”

Annie Duke: “For six boardrooms, I sat here and acted professional.”

Joan: “Professional-ly.”

Annie: “And there’s only so much a girl can take.”

Joan: “You’re not a girl anymore, darling. You’re a woman.”

Is that really supposed to be some kind of insult?  Is a ‘woman’ supposed to buck-up take more crap from people than a ‘girl’?  Or is everything out of that old bag’s mouth just sarcastic drivel?

OK, maybe I can get past this now…  Pray for me.


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Trump: afraid of Joan Rivers

I am actually mad at the end of the Apprentice finale.  That may have been the most cowardly thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

Joan and Melissa Rivers played the victim card every time.  Joan played the Hitler-card, called all poker players “worse than white trash”, accused them all of being associated with the mafia (I mean, professional poker players are more likely to hold a CPA than be associated with mobsters — many of them are downright geeky)  and just generally looked ridiculous ranting and raving against someone who is clearly smarter and cooler under pressure.

And Trump picked Joan Rivers.

This explicit validation of all the ridiculous lies and insults… of implicitly rewarding Melissa for being nothing more than a no-talent toadie and whiny spoiled brat… it’s all just too much.  I shouldn’t be this angry about the outcome of a stupid reality show, but I’m livid.

And it wasn’t just Trump, the other stupid celebrities said they would pick Joan as well (Scott Hamilton, Dennis Rodman, I think there was another) — these are people who may cross paths with the Rivers in the future; it’s unlikely they’ll ever cross Annie again.  And if they do, it will be across a poker table where they are supposed to be adversaries.  But they can’t afford to be ignored by Joan Rivers on the red carpet… this was a power play, plain and simple.  And while it’s hard to believe she has any pull anywhere, it looks like Joan Rivers has more celebrity power than Annie Duke.

I would love to have overheard what Annie said to Trump as she shook his hand.  I bet she told him he made a terrible mistake; I bet she’s got the nerve to do that.  And I hope she is instrumental in the bankruptcy of his next big casino… if she can get all the lower-than-white-trash (poker players) to boycott his resorts, that would be awesome.  After all, he implicitly endorsed the white-trash sentiment with his selection of Joan.  If this was the beginning of his undoing, that would be glorious.

My favorite line (when Annie admitted to saying unflattering things about Joan,  long after being compared to Hitler):

Annie:  Sometimes a girl reaches her breaking-point…

Joan (indignant): You’re not a girl, you’re a woman!

Annie:  Too bad you’re not, you old drag-queen.

OK, that wasn’t Annie’s response, but it was in my mind.  That would have been awesome.

So my conclusion is that Trump picked Joan because he’s afraid of her.  And that’s just pathetic.  Only marginally less pathetic than the fact that I care.


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why must Janeane Garafalo ruin everything?

so, one of my favourite songs on one of my favourite new albums has a cameo from a certain fan of “microwaved chocolate doughnuts”… and after watching this, I don’t think I can ever listen to the song the same way again.

that’s right, I’m talkin’ bout Snacktime.

you know, she could be right — she could be 100% right, and she still just sounds like a smarmy bitch.  her attitude that she is so much smarter than everyone else, and that those fools on the right are just so stupid they’ll believe anything… well anyone that believes her based on this response falls in that exact same category, except for the other team (obviously).  writing off an entire swath of the country who doesn’t fall in line with your ideology as people with ‘reptilian brains’ is just… sad.  attributing it all to racism is just… odd (and sad).

in other news, my daughter was singing this in the car yesterday as we were driving to the mall:

“oh nooo, no, I never go to work.”

she was rewarded with “They Might Be Giants: Here Come the 123s”… the first CD I’ve purchased in, well, in years.

[below: zip forward to 0:30]

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I think I just threw-up in my mouth a little bit

got this in an email today:

Since the stimulus money is for “shovel ready” projects, I wonder if [our client] can get some of this for technology upgrades? I would think that updating their antiquated hardware/software would be a pretty quick way to spend some of the money.

Have they mentioned anything to you?

no.  and unless they’re using a jack-hammer and a shovel to renovate the datacenter, I pray to God that they didn’t think computers and networks were the “shovel-ready” stimulus this was designed for.

this might just be the final straw — I don’t know how I can work for a firm so at-odds with my personal beliefs.

[this should go without saying; but no references to my employer here, please.]


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