I’m a pack rat.

last week I recycled a whole bunch of paper-products cluttering the workspace.

I held up the packet of information from that firm — the one with their “Top 10 places to work” re-prints, the description of their benefits package, the business cards of the people who I interviewed with…  I evaluated the packet for several moments.  it had been a year since I had interviewed, and I was thoroughly disappointed when they didn’t extend an offer.  since then I had reconciled it to myself; it would have been a good move, but it wasn’t a make-or-break moment in my career.  it’s probably all for the best.

normally, I would have held on to the packet — a memento of the process and something I might look back and reminisce about in the future.  but this time I tossed it in the recycling.

and this week, that firm made a deal to buy our firm.

this only serves to reinforce my pack-rat tendencies.



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2 responses to “recycled

  1. Bryan

    Yes! Pack rats unite! You never know when that (insert likely eternally useless item here) will come in handy. This week my pack rat ways paid off when an old plastic Orioles souvenir helmet that I’d been holding onto for who knows how long became the base of a Greek warrior’s helmet for a fourth grade social studies project. Hoard away people, hoard away.

  2. rob

    I’m a terrible pack rat too! In fact, one of my favorite shows, which only tends to further my inability to throw anything useful away, is ‘Junk Brothers’ on HGTV, they ride around early in the morning on a bulk pick up trash day, find something unique, then re-purpose it, and finally deliver it back to the homeowner who was throwing out to begin with. Very creative, and talented craftsmen. I, unfortunately lack those strengths, as well as the time and of course, the tools and the ability to miss my thumb with a hammer.

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