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Juno – shiny happy fits of rage…

I just liked it.

But I really, really like the soundtrack. Not enough to buy it, but I’ve heard it, and it may be playing in my car right now…

Good times. Juliana doesn’t get it, but she dances like a crazy-baby…

Juno MacGuff: Oh and you know what? I bought another Sonic Youth album and it sucked… it’s just noise.




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One GOP strategist took Paul’s level of support in Pennsylvania as a cautionary sign, calling it “alarming.”

Yeah, I’d say.

I’ve followed Paul pretty closely, and to hear he took 16% in PA, after the Paul campaign had basically halted and where McCain was the only legitimate candidate… well, what do you think that says?

[OK, not such a hard question — I guess it says that they support Paul on Iraq (get out) vs McCain (‘Mr. I-architected-the-Surge’) — pretty easy to figure out]

Politico:Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio agrees.

“A large portion of those Ron Paul supporters are anti-Bush, anti-war Republicans,” he said. “They’ll wind up back with McCain because, while they may disagree on the war or be mad at Bush, the prospect of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is more frightening.”

And, as Carney notes, there is no Paul-like third-party candidate around whom they can rally and vent their frustrations.

Nope, not yet…

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the free market of ideas

I read an interesting op-ed about how Islam is poised to take over the world — not in a few years due to a War of Terror, but as a result of shifting demographics and replacement birth rates (hard to argue with…) Actually makes a lot of sense — but is it that something to be feared?

if a combination of genetics/breeding and religious/philosophical education resulted in our current state, should we be fearful of the potential/probable outcomes based on breeding/rearing in the future? or is that just a triumph in the marketplace of ideas for parents/suppport-structures? ergo, “may he who builds the better social structure strive”



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the problem with Paul

[originally drafted a long time ago…]

Last night I sat KJ down to watch last week’s Meet the Press with Ron Paul. This morning I read that he isn’t sure about evolution.

On evolution: in the video clip, RP makes the point that the question of whether one believes in evolution was not particularly appropriate for a Presidential debate; fair enough. But he said, “inappropriate for the Presidency to be determined on a scientific matter” — that’s misleading.

KJ says Ron Paul doesn’t believe in evolution because “it’s not in the Constitution.” She might be right, but I couldn’t help but laugh (ha-ha!). I think I would generally prefer Presidents who agree on scientific consensus (real scientific consensus, not like the “global warming consensus”) than theology. And I think there is more consensus around evolution than there is around human-caused global warming. But that’s just me.

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what do you think?

“There is no greater force for economic growth than free markets. But markets work best with rules that promote our values, protect our workers and give all people a chance to succeed. Fairness doesn’t just happen. It requires the right government policies.”

Anyone? [Virtual] Bueller? Bueller?

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three biggest weeks

seriously, the last three weeks have been the biggest three consectutive weeks (on this blog) in the last two years, and all I’ve talked about is the Capitals in the playoffs and Hillary?  does that make any sense?

maybe I should post the pics and video I have from Capitals game 7… or maybe you’d just trust me and agreee that ‘Madras Shorts Boy’ lost us the series (Rock the Red all you want, those shorts were moronic.). and that the Green Turtle can be as exciting as any place to watch hockey as can be found south of (wow, you wouldn’t think the longitutidal coordinates of Toronto were in dispute, but let’s just say ‘Canada’/Windsor Ontario).

here’s what struck me as odd.  well into the SECOND period (of the Caps game 7, when I was shuffling between dinner [a very special buffalo chicken sandwich] and the very-important third period at the sports bar that’s part of Verizon Centre), guys walking around the Verizon Center were still asking ‘you got tickets?’ — I turned this around on one guy, asking him – “what do you want to buy tickets for, especially at this point?  you don’t look like a fan of the game…” — and truthfully, there were still dozens of people that would have paid above face-value to see just the last period… well, the guy got upset with me and my assumption that he wasn’t a hockey fan…  whatev.  I call ’em like I see ’em.

so in the end, I saw the final moments of the Caps season from the Green Turtle, where we all fell silent and shuffled towards the Metro.  I think we all wish things could have turned out different, but look hopefully towrds next year.

and until then, I’m re-joining Capital Punisment.  let’s see if we can’t get some magic started…

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what cavemen, The Who, and eco-fascists have in common

[update:  argh, the comic disappeared and I hotlinked to it. sorry, I didn’t save a copy, but it was two cavemen sitting around the fire talking about how they eat organic food, never smoke, don’t pollute the environment (etc) — but still they don’t live past their 30’s. “hope I die before I get old” is what it made me think, thus the headline.]

brilliant.  and although it’s not the point of this cartoon, it also addresses the extremities in the environmentalist movement, who would seem to prefer dying early to possibly ingesting genetically-modified food, and would frankly prefer that large swaths of the consuming masses die off… going back to Ted Turner the other day:

“We’re too many people; that’s why we have global warming,” he said. “Too many people are using too much stuff.”  [Well said, Mr. Super-Billionaire…]

Turner suggested that “on a voluntary basis, everybody in the world’s got to pledge to themselves that one or two children is it.”

did you know that the maximum sustainable world population is only 3.9 billion?  me neither.  “Either we do this consciously through birth control, with everybody ‘stopping at one’ until the population declines by more than two billion people, or nature will do it for us.”  yikes.

“This Planet Ain’t Big Enough For The 6,500,000,000” says The Guardian.



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