W, what is it good for?

actually overheard this morning at the cubical:

Awww, W came out this weekend?
I wanted to see that.

What’s that about?

It’s all about George Bush,

aw yeah, I wanted to see that too.
What’s the “W” for?

[no response]

“W”… “w”
ugh ah, War, what is is good for,
absolutely nothing, uh huh…

I swear I was sitting beside a live-action episode of Get Your War On, only with the IQ turned down by about 50%…

oh, and this just in, curtousy of my cubical-neighbor:

we aint’t even gonna have Christmas this year.  you want Christmas, you better send us another check.  send everyone a thousand dollars, and then maybe we’ll go shopping.  and I heard the stores aren’t even gonna have sales this year…  [nuh-uh!?]

I’m thinking of quitting my official job here and just declaring myself an embedded reporter.  yeah, I’ve been watching too much Generation Kill; but it’s eerily similar.

I’m Oscar Mike…



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4 responses to “W, what is it good for?

  1. What? O’Malley has canceled Christmas? Or wait, maybe that’s why we should all vote McCain– because Obama is a Muslim and he will cancel Christmas!
    Just so glad to know your state tax dollars are beinf well-spent.

  2. Bryan H

    embedded reporter-that’s funny. With conversations like that I can’t wait to hear more reports from “the front”.

  3. they are a pretty stable source of content — I’m not sure why I haven’t tapped that well before. actually, I know why, I just don’t want to say it out loud.

    seriously, with the W thing, I was laughing hysterically/silently — I must have looked ridiculous.

  4. We use Twitter pretty extensively a work, and I alternate between amusement and frustration at many of the comments from my coworkers. Yesterday’s gem was “I am confused by an email. I didn’t know Georgia was a country by Russia.”
    I itched to walk over to this gal and ask her to relinquish her voter registration card.

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