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America: less racist than misogynist, less misogynist than age-discriminating


reason contributor and Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi looks at the polling data and finds that 5 percent of voters say they won’t cast a ballot for an African American, 11 percent won’t vote for a woman—and a whopping 42 percent won’t vote for a 72-year-old (regardless of race or gender, I’m guessing that elderly Oscar nominee Ruby Dee shouldn’t be pondering a White House run anytime soon).

yeah, and count me in the latter category — I’m not saying “don’t trust anyone over 30”, but why would you put the country’s future in the hands of someone who only has a few good years left? maybe every President should be between 35 (the Constitutional minimum) and 45 years old — at least they’d have incentive not to screw things up, since they have another 35 to 45 years to live with the consequences…

via Reason: No Country For Grouchy Old Men?

[somewhat unrelated — don’t Canadian politicians seem to be younger than Americans? or am I mistaken?]


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why am I saddened at the death of William F. Buckley, Jr.?

seriously, I let out a mournful sigh when I read this.  and I’m not at all sure why.


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there is hope

 […]  Joseph LeDoux, a neuroscientist at New York University and perhaps the world’s leading expert on emotional memory, has found that whenever we bring to mind a strong emotional memory and think about it differently than we had before, it actually gets chemically recorded in the brain in a whole new way. A process of introspection can actually change the way that memory is imprinted on our brains, providing a neural basis to lasting changes in our behaviors and habits of mind.

Interesting article in an interesting magazine, Greater Good (tagline: The Science of a Meaningful Life).

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how I roll…

more photos for the un-Facebook’d.

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#10: Keep Perspective

Thirteen tips for dealing with a really lousy day.

This is a site I should try to visit regularly — we could all use a little more happiness:  The Happiness Project.

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