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what if stormtroopers didn’t look so grumpy all the time?


puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it?  who knows, they might have been smiling on the inside…

(yes, this is my own GIMP-ing of the image, and I know it’s shoddy — hey, I was bored.)



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what is Al compensating for?

ok, I know this is just going to come across as petty jealousy — but what on earth could Al Gore need three 30″ LCDs* for? Seriously, he’s not doing all that climate research himself, is he? Maybe that’s one way he could reduce his carbon footprint — donate one (or two) of those 30″-ers to Me. I’ll even get off his back for a while.

From here, it looks like he has three web pages open on those three displays. Somebody needs to introduce him to Tabs in Firefox — they rock, and you can have like 20 tabs open on the same 15″ screen.

ooh, ooh, PLUS a TV against the wall that he isn’t even watching. how globally conscious is that? unplug it, Al. and even the computer output on the far right display — that’s totally out of his field of vision if you look at the picture. the whole third display is out of his field of vision. not to mention that he can’t possibly be reading that small type on the left display, not from that distance — based on the size of the columns, that text is barely bigger than newsprint — do you read a newspaper from two and a half feet away? the only excuse I can think of for three displays like that is if you’re running a Network Operations Center (NOC), you’re an engineer/rocket-scientist, you’re trading stock and have real-time updates from around the world, or high-end gaming (Half-Life or whatever the kids play these days).

and you might want to kill that thing crawling on the wall, if it isn’t all Endangered and whatnot.

*duh, I just remembered he’s now a Board Member for Apple; they no doubt gave him the displays gratis.
oh and this whole rant was triggered by Time’s The Last Temptation of Al Gore (messianic imaging, anyone?)


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so proud to live in Maryland

WTOPnews reports on our state Comptroller’s “Gas Price Theory”:

“It’s a price gouging, rip-off, hidden top secret muckity-muck system that the oil companies have setup to maximize their profits,” says Md. Comptroller Peter Franchot. “We know that you know that there’s something fishy.” [full story]

This guy inspires so much confidence — if anyone can get to the bottom of the muckity-muck, I’m sure it’s this guy.  Let us all know how that works out.


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“are we failing our children?”

A report that our schools are not adequately preparing our children to deal with alcohol.
In The Know: Teenagers and Alcohol


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word of the day: profligacy

prof·li·ga·cy [prof-li-guh-see]

  1. shameless dissoluteness.
  2. reckless extravegance
  3. great abundance

I learned this great new word here: New Study: School Districts Spend As Much as They Can


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another isolated incident

Don’t worry guys (gals), I’m sure that Montgomery County and the Los Angeles Unified School District are the only two in the country that have any problems… luckily this should be the last post I have to make on edumacation.

How To Reform the LAUSD [LA Times]

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parent’s just don’t understand

Washington Post:  Officials’ Silence Puts Parents ‘at Arm’s Length’

Schools nationwide are calling on parents to get involved. The Maryland State Board of Education endorsed a broad range of family outreach initiatives in a 2005 report that called public education “a shared responsibility.”

Yet some parents in Montgomery County and elsewhere have discovered limits on the get-involved policy when they ask questions about individual teachers, whether those queries are about alleged abuse of students or a decision to fire a popular instructor.

Parental involvement:  Ignored if you do, condemned if you don’t.  Yet another good reason to homeschool.


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