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fotd: the opposite of “bubble and bust”

President Obama tonight said that we need to prevent “the cycle of bubble and bust”.

The opposite of bubble-and-bust is a planned economy.  Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?  Sure, we’ll just plan the economy and we won’t have to worry about business cycles or economic downturns anymore.

Wikipedia’s list of current, glorious ‘planned economies’: Cuba, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, and Burma.

Yeah.  Let’s not sign up to get on that list.

[ugh, he just said “dependence on foreign oil”.  will it be so much greater when we’re dependent on foreign wind-power technology?  apparently Europeans have all the technology…]

Everybody likes to think that if we just add a little regulation here and a little nationalization there, we can prevent bubble-and-bust without completely dismantling Capitalism.

What we’ll end up with is the same thing we got after the Great Depression — huge government programs, the worst of which are Ponzi-schemes, which will burden the country for generations.  Good times.



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fear of the day

Fear Itself.

I know, that’s kind of weak.  but I’m really not that afraid right at this moment.  oh sure, I could find a lot of things to complain about, but the only things keeping me awake at night are an infant daughter and a work project I’m procrastinating on…

what about you?  whatever you’re afraid of, add it to the comments.


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“not a crash”

I heard some guy on CNBC this morning say, “it’s not a crash.”

then what the heck do you call this:

[S&P 500, 5 year chart] — that line on the far right side of the chart goes all the way down to 909, from a chart high of 1691.  that’s got to be a crash.

I couldn’t bear the thought of NPR news on the drive in to work this morning, so I turned on the classical music station, figuring I could let me mind wander.  the piece of work that greeted me was some kind of spiral into armegeddon…  and at it’s conclusion the DJ (are they DJs on classical stations?) said that this work was Tchaikovsky’s Symphony_No._4, which was completed in the aftermath of a friends catastrophic marriage and claimed she would find in it “an echo of your most intimate thoughts and emotions.”  Nice.

From A Composer’s Confession:

“If you can’t find joy within yourself, then look around, go to the people. See how they can give themselves up to pleasure! A peasant festival is depicted. But no sooner do you forget yourself in others’ joy than the unrelenting Fate again reminds its presence. Again the heavy theme from the first movement appears. But the others don’t care. They are not looking at you at all, they are still happy. Rejoice for the happiness of others, and so you can still bare to live.”

Good Times(R).

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fear of the day: “spiders straight out of the Jurassic period”

that’s what an air-conditioning technician says he has run across while fixing units in people’s attics, in an interview on NPR/Marketplace this evening.

made me shiver.

I heard once that no matter where you are, you’re never more than 10 feet away from a spider. (but I just thought of an exception: swimming in the middle of a pool.  mental note…)

BONUS FEAR:  listening to Marketplace is going to turn me into a socialist.  it seems that they always put the worst spin on any good financial news, and seem to take delight when the markets are down.  this week they had a series on ‘World Workers’, and yesterday their subject was a trans-gender sex worker in Baku, Azerbaijan.  I kid you not. what does that have to do with financial markets and business news?  it’s like trying turning to Fox News and hoping to get fair and balanced information.  why do I even bother?

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“The Mark of the Beast is your I.P. address”

The Mark of the Beast is your I.P. address, combine that with a phone (pda’s, blackberries) and you have the mark in your hand !

this, and other gems, at Barack Obama the Anti-Christ? under the post Scripture Challenge. the challenge was to list bible passages that directly support the theory that Obama is the anti-Christ. 82 comments followed, with barely a handful of scripture and more insane theories than a weekend with Oliver Stone and a keg of Red Bull.

the biblical scholar quoted above also refers to Nostradamus as a prophet, “in this world to point us to the truth and show us the way.” riiiight.

originally, I was going to write about the bizarre run-in I had with an elderly in-law. somehow, everyone else had cleared out of the room for a few minutes, and in the quiet she started asking me what I thought about Obama. “oh, it’s an interesting race,” I said. “He’s a muslim, you know,” she replied. “No, no he’s not,” I objected. I explained to her that he proclaims to be a Christian, that he has attended a Christian church for years and years, and that he went to a “muslim” school in Indonesia simply because that was the best local option. “Well, he has a muslim background…”  You can imagine how awkward the silence was for the next few minutes.

if you want to see what your IP address is, you can check it here.  if it’s, well, serves you right for walking among the unwashed on the internet.

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come for Hockey Night In Canada, stay for the fear and loathing

[seriously… when you’re done with this post, go to the main page.]

my Best Hockey Songs of All Time #2: Hockey Night In Canada Theme post got 67 hits yesterday. now, the “Best Hocky Song” thread, and that post in particular, has been the most visited since I posted them — but why the surge yesterday?

I checked my stats, and a ridiculous number of incoming clicks were coming from google searches on some combination of “colbert hockey night in canada“. huh?

turns out, Colbert hijacked the theme song after the CBC decided to license it to CTV. and for a few hours, I was probably one of the few sites that had recent posts including the two terms. checking google today, I don’t even rank in the top 100 for those keywords.

was that my blog’s 15 minutes? for those of you still looking for Colbert+HNIC, complete with handguns and “punching beavers in the face”, here you go:

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fear of the day: stupid people that think they’re smarter than everyone else

let’s see if I can break this down:

  1. guy posts personal ad on craigslist (he has since removed it — shocker)
  2. somebody tips Gawker. they post Mr. Right Iz Here, Ladies.
  3. Mr. Right discovers their post and calls Gawker headquarters and leave a voice message. he also tapes it ‘so his lawyer could hear’ (bare in mind, this is a one-way conversation; he’s not recording anyone at Gawker) and equates re-posting his picture to stealing his social security number: “that’s fraud!”
  4. Gawker let’s everyone in on Mr. Right’s legal threats with Cash-Waving Craigslist Player’s Fury: ‘These Photos Are Mines’

the rant (full audio at Gawker) is almost as funny as it is sad.

update: I almost forgot the teaser pic that will surely make you want to read more…

…Levelor shades,ladies — believe it.

tip to The Dad: Ask The Dad


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