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come for Hockey Night In Canada, stay for the fear and loathing

[seriously… when you’re done with this post, go to the main page.]

my Best Hockey Songs of All Time #2: Hockey Night In Canada Theme post got 67 hits yesterday. now, the “Best Hocky Song” thread, and that post in particular, has been the most visited since I posted them — but why the surge yesterday?

I checked my stats, and a ridiculous number of incoming clicks were coming from google searches on some combination of “colbert hockey night in canada“. huh?

turns out, Colbert hijacked the theme song after the CBC decided to license it to CTV. and for a few hours, I was probably one of the few sites that had recent posts including the two terms. checking google today, I don’t even rank in the top 100 for those keywords.

was that my blog’s 15 minutes? for those of you still looking for Colbert+HNIC, complete with handguns and “punching beavers in the face”, here you go:


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two from Stephen Colbert

these segments were both worth watching:

  • George Will, who catches Colbert on his heels at the end
  • Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr.

I would embed them if I could.  they’re only about 7 minutes each — enjoy.


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