game changer?

I know the night is early and there are a lot of votes out in California, but I’m looking at Obama 13,786,707 — McCain 13,533, 528 as the popular vote stands right now.

That’s Obama’s 49.9% to McCain’s 49.2%.

Sure, the electoral college is 174 (Obama) to 69 (McCain), but where is the big landslide?  Where is all the rejection of the Republican party?  Where is the mandate for Change?



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3 responses to “game changer?

  1. in retrospect, this post looks kind of silly.

    but still, when less than 6 out of 10 people voted for Obama and more than 4 out of 10 voted for McCain, it’s not like it’s a landslide or a substantial mandate.

    I mean, if McCain really was 90% Bush, he should have lost 30-70… no?

  2. According to what I heard on NPR (cannot remember if it was local, national, or even BBC feed) a landslide would have been 350 electoral votes. He missed by one.
    I would agree that it is certainly not a mandate– especially in light of some prominent ballot questions in CA and FL. I think it is more a mandate against all things that carry even a whiff of the current administration than it is for the policies and proposals of President-elect Obama.

  3. Karen

    I guess it was a landslide.

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