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‘distinct kicking motion’

Frozen Four.  Notre Dame is down 3-1, about 5 minutes into the third period.

A shot towards Boston College’s goal bounces off both skates of the Fighting Irish forward, staked out at the right of the crease, and into the net.  The goal is reviewed — the rulebook would call back the goal if there was a ‘distinct kicking motion’.

Well, there clearly was a kicking motion, but it came a split second after the puck bounced off the skate.  If the ruling was on intent, the forward fully intended to get that puck in the goal by any means necessary.  And he clearly kicked at the puck.  But he kicked after the puck, he didn’t actually kick the puck.  This all reminds me of an NHL game not so long ago, but thankfully I can’t remember who or what (probably Toronto, probably being eliminated… no, they tend to lose fair and square.)

The video review judge said that the puck was clearly redirected intentionally with the skate, and the goal didn’t count.  As the  TV commentator said, “I don’t see it”.

About a minute later, Boston College opens the score to 4-1, from what could have been 3-2.  And now with 1:07 left, BC pretty much has this wrapped up.


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