Middle Ages II

  1. Cadillac is using a Stone Roses song in their latest commercials.
    Last time around it was Led Zepplin’s “Been a Long Time”, and that was fine because it was clearly the musicof a generation prior to my own.
    But the Stone Roses?  Madchester?  Who does GM think they’re kidding? Another version of the commercial has Iggy Pop proclaiming “I’m a punk rocker, yes I am.” (below)… you might demonstrate some punk-cred if you’re rollin’ in an old Caddy, but not if you stroll down to the dealership to drop $60K on one of their new CTXs… that’s like the opposite of punk. Not that I was ever ‘punk’, but I did go through a Sex Pistols phase and still have an affinity for Doc Martens. (Don’t get me started on that cruise line using Iggy Pop’s tribute-to-smack, “Lust for Life” in their ads…)

  2. I also don’t understand why American auto companies are stuck on playing up the nostalgia factor — a Chevy commercial shows their trucks progression (with ranchers) since before WWII (who cares), Cadillac shows all their cars since the beginning of time (above) (who cares), the big Chevy Superbowl commercial had Dale Jr singing “no we’re not the jet-set, we’re the old Chevrolet-set” — sorry, this wasn’t supposed to be a rant about American cars, it just turned out that way.
    Right, so back to my point… I wonder if Cadillac realizes that the song they chose is a “scathing attack on the traditional image of Jesus” (wikipedia). For the record, I didn’t realize it either until I read the Wikipedia reference, and I’ve been a big fan of the song since it’s release in 1992 — I knew there were references to the Messiah, and “cold black skin”, and “she’s my Sister”, and it’s probably mostly-right since Jesus would not have been caucasian like most American’s seems to think he would be; but then why is that “scathing” and not just “historically accurate/likely”? (Full lyrics to “Love Spreads”)

  3. So I joked about “Rebel Rebel” in yesterday’s post, but sure enough they played that very song on my drive in to work this morning. No big thing, but they also played “Lola”… L-O-L-A, LOLA.

    Rebel Rebel: “Youve got your mother in a whirl/Shes not sure if youre a boy or a girl.”
    Lola: “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls;… Well Im not the worlds most masculine man/But I know what I am and Im glad Im a man/And so is lola”

    I expected “Dude Looks Like a Lady” to come on next. It didn’t, but the frequency of Prince songs was almost as unnerving. They say their agenda at 947TheGlobe is the environment, but I have to wonder if they aren’t trying to spread a trans-gender message across the DC area. Think about it — the Marv Albert trial was held in Northern VA (I know; my Wife-to-be and Best Man went to the courthouse — true story). (BTW, Holy-Google: not able to remember Marv’s name, I entered “women’s panties sportscaster”, and Google’s first link was here. Thanks Google; another pop-culture reference save!)

  4. Greatest Stone Roses song ever: Fool’s Gold. One of my all-time favorite top-10 tracks. Kids these days just wouldn’t get it. Embrace middle-age!


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5 responses to “Middle Ages II

  1. It isn’t the references to skintone which pose a problem, per se.

    It is this:
    “Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean
    The messiah is my sister, ain’t no king man, shes my queen

    I have a dream, Ive seen the light
    Don’t put it out, say shes alright, yeah, shes my sister”

    Jesus was most likely NOT a blue-eyed man with light brown hair. However, he WAS a man. I wouldn’t go for “scathing attack.” More like blatant blasphemy?

  2. Robert

    A lot of “punks” or Pseudo-punks changed, with age, into what they supposedly stood against…like the hippies before them. They gave into and became part of the corporate machine and sold off the things dear to them that they swore they’d never whore.
    (not)Punks/Commercial Artists

    “Let the products sell themselves/f@#k advertising and commercial psychology/ psychological methods to sell should be destroyed.” – Minutemen

    Growing up a punk kid, it’s hard to see how awfully it’s embraced these days. It still isn’t much more than a novelty, only now you can profit from it. I mean it sucks when you see that the kids of the people who used to beat you up have mohawks and skateboards. The parents are still dicks…I wonder if they call their kids fags like they used to me? Music, especially punk rock music, made my teenage years bearable. It felt good to have something seemingly all to myself, that I could almost call mine and I hate those bastards who are selling it McDonalds style…fast and easy to swallow.

    *sidenote #1 – I guess it’s still better than having to hear more Hip-Hop. But then again I guess it sucks to have it thrown in the same useless mix.

    **sidenote #2 – I guess if anyones’s paid their dues and deserves a little extra royalty money, it’s gotta be Iggy Pop! Although, I agree with the waaaay overused “Lust for Life.” Have they no idea whats it’s about? The Cadillac commercial is by a Swedish band called The Teddybears. Pretty much crap, it is a little catchy, but thats it.

  3. right on the Teddybears (what a great (not)Punk name) — everything I have read credited “The Teddybears featuring Iggy Pop” (or Iggy Pop feat. the Teddybears), but who can trust these interwebs?

    I also love the irony of the lyrics in the commercial – “See me drivin down the street/I’m bored[tired?] with looking good” — is Cadillac admitting that their cars look like crap?

    re:Iggy, that guy rivals Keith Richards for self-abusing survivors, doesn’t he? he’s looked like death-warmed-over for at least 25 years.

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