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so, is she done yet?

here is what I heard this week — Hillary has to win by 20 points to have a shot at the Democratic nomination… and she didn’t even win Pennsylvania by double-digits. so will she call it quits?

this reminds me of a funny show that was played out around my own dinner table, Talking to Canadians: when I said I couldn’t vote for Hillary because I thought she was the spawn of Satan (or something like that), my friend said “well, THAT’s not a very good reason NOT to vote for her.” like somehow, instead of needing a good reason to vote FOR someone, my default choice should have been to vote for her, and only could I diverge if I had a REALLY GOOD REASON.

truth be told, I didn’t need to have a good reason not to vote for Hillary — I am a citizen and my friend is not, yet she still felt the need to correct my vote. that’s the vibe I get from every Hillary supporter — and it’s really annoying. don’t they understand how much people [with half a brain-cell] despise being told what they should think and do? I guess they’re counting on the other half, those with barely a brain-cell, since that’s where they seem to be building their base…



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