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three biggest weeks

seriously, the last three weeks have been the biggest three consectutive weeks (on this blog) in the last two years, and all I’ve talked about is the Capitals in the playoffs and Hillary?  does that make any sense?

maybe I should post the pics and video I have from Capitals game 7… or maybe you’d just trust me and agreee that ‘Madras Shorts Boy’ lost us the series (Rock the Red all you want, those shorts were moronic.). and that the Green Turtle can be as exciting as any place to watch hockey as can be found south of (wow, you wouldn’t think the longitutidal coordinates of Toronto were in dispute, but let’s just say ‘Canada’/Windsor Ontario).

here’s what struck me as odd.  well into the SECOND period (of the Caps game 7, when I was shuffling between dinner [a very special buffalo chicken sandwich] and the very-important third period at the sports bar that’s part of Verizon Centre), guys walking around the Verizon Center were still asking ‘you got tickets?’ — I turned this around on one guy, asking him – “what do you want to buy tickets for, especially at this point?  you don’t look like a fan of the game…” — and truthfully, there were still dozens of people that would have paid above face-value to see just the last period… well, the guy got upset with me and my assumption that he wasn’t a hockey fan…  whatev.  I call ’em like I see ’em.

so in the end, I saw the final moments of the Caps season from the Green Turtle, where we all fell silent and shuffled towards the Metro.  I think we all wish things could have turned out different, but look hopefully towrds next year.

and until then, I’m re-joining Capital Punisment.  let’s see if we can’t get some magic started…


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