Oktoberfest, part duh

I forgot to post the pictures yesterday

This is the pumpkin painting areas for tots, directly in front of the stage.  I’d like to say it was far enough away to be safe on their tender ears, but it wasn’t.  Luckily it didn’t turn into a mosh pit.

To get a fuller appreciation, here’s the video of happy families trying to ignore the menace onstage.



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2 responses to “Oktoberfest, part duh

  1. Wow, sounds like some loud crap there… In my opinion the pumpkin patch should be off to the side, not in front of the stage. In my dealing with municipal event people in job #2 I’ve come to realize that most things aren’t going to (A) Make much sense from a set-up standpoint and (B) be how they would be if professionals set the event up….

    I fight with this type of thing almost every event.. What kind of music was that? was it appropriate for the age of the target audience? Ugh.. sorry to see that it’s not just my neck of the woods that faces this sort of thing..

  2. abso-smurfly — that’s why I thought it was so ironic/moronic…

    the pumpkin patch should have been on the other side of the park, 500 yards away, IMO. I’m not sure if you could see from the photo, but there were only about 10 people huddled around the stage… so put that in the back of the event area. actually, that might not have worked because they needed access to sufficient power for their amps/speakers… but no, the German Umpa-Band was in the back. so they had power back there.

    so what we had was lame puberty-punk in front of the pumpkin patch and the food stands (mmm… bratwurst); and the Umpa-Band/beergarten was in the back where everything else was peaceful and kids were throwing footballs and baseballs to each other.

    seems like that should have been reversed.

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