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the two proudest moments of my hockey career

as I reported a few days ago, Wendel Clarke had two, clear, “proudest moments” in his hockey career.

it made me think of what my two proudest hockey moments might be.

let’s see… I didn’t get drafted — I quit youth hockey when it became incompatible with my sleeping-in schedule…

I suppose the first is my role as Faculty Advisor to the Salisbury State Hockey Club. This was back in 1995/1996, and they needed some “faculty” support. I was a contract employee with the university, and that seemed to fit the bill. SU hockey was fun, and it’s really the only year I played that was full-contact (everything else has been “adult hockey”, aka “we all have to work in the morning, so no rough stuff”), but if my involvement as ‘faculty’ had anything to do with the continuation of the program and the ability of the team to continue, then that’s a substantial accomplishment. I also got my head shaved after a big win (or was it a big loss?), which tested the limits of my first (and current) wife.

What is still amazing to me is that my wife (girlfriend at the time) actually traveled with us on the  school/state bus, and somehow thought it was a good idea to stick with me. And this wasn’t a nice charter bus; this was a 12-person van with hockey bags in an open trailer… I think she knitted on one of the road trips. No doubt after that — she was a keeper.

Nowadays, I hear the team is actually drawing people from the DC area to play (no scholarships or anything, but something). So who knows; Go Gulls!

as for my second proudest moment… let’s hope I have a few years left on the ice to figure that one out.



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this is not an anti-semitic post


but, I have no Jewdar. [link, link, link]

I blame this primarily on growing up in “cottage country“, north of Toronto.  thinking back, as hard as I can, I can think of only one Jewish person in my high school — as in all four years while I was there.  and I only remember that because a friend made an insensitive remark in history class and she countered with the fact that her grandparents were Holocaust survivors.  so there may have been others, but it never came up, and I never would have known.

the reason this comes up today is because of a friend of mine on Facebook linked to the OFFICIAL HUG A JEW day.  it made me think about the Jews I know, and have known, and how I’ve figured out if they’re jewish or not, and whether or not this was particularly important to them.

that a friend-of-my-friend on Facebook wrote:

I am a little concerned about the ground rules — I’m not sure everyone at my workplace will understand my sudden bursts of physical affection. I don’t want to get sued, you know?

sued for sexual harassment, or for being exclusive in your behavior, or possibly for falsely accusing with your behavior?  sounds like more hassle than it’s worth — but it’s in the rules:


*Every Jew that you see you must address with a hug

which puts me in a bind; I’d like to join the facebook group to be supportive, but I’d be violating the rules because I have no Jewdar.

more rules:

*This group is for anyone to join, that is except Jew-haters.

uhhh, ok…  I’m sure that’s going to stop the Aryan Nation.  no chance you’ll get hate-posts on the group wall with a stern warning like that.

*Jew, in this event includes any sect or part of Jewishness (half, quarter, traditional, conservative, reform, orthodox, chareide, chabad, ALL JEWS INCLUDED).

it doesn’t mention if they’re talking about religion or ethnicity, but on the other hand they’re being pretty inclusive.  I might get a hug out this — I mean, Ann Coulter said that Christians are just ‘perfected’ Jews*, so maybe all Christians should get a hug too.  Christians believe in the Old Testament (Tanakh) and Jesus… I mean, if 1/3 of your diety (the Trinity) came to live among men as a Jew, that ought to count for something.

which reminds me of one of my favorite lines from any Mel Brooks movie (and which I can’t find a reference for, so forgive my paraphrasing):

Barf to Yogurt:  Are you a Dru?

Yogurt:  Mmm, I’m Dru-ish.

what if I’m neither ethnically nor religiously jewish, but I read Jewcy?  what about The Juice?  oh wait, we have a ruling on that:

“OJ Simpson — Not A Jew” [Adam Sandler]

the guys on my hockey team that talk about Hebrew school — I’m pretty sure they’re jewish.  but my friend at work that went to Brandeis, I had no clue.  I know, I know, Brandeis has no ethnoreligious restrictions — but when I said to him that I didn’t realize he was jewish, he said, “dude, I went to Brandeis” [implied: duh]

anyway, HUG A JEW DAY is February 2.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.  maybe somebody will make like the Irish at St. Patty’s Day and sell “Hug Me, I’m Jewish” buttons — that would make this a lot easier.

* I am in no way endorsing Coulter’s opinion.

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effective, perhaps not efficient

Cost per vote:

Obama: $11.21

McCain: $5.52

Based on $750M in campaign donations for Obama (66.9M votes) and $238 (donations) +$84 (public funds) getting 58.3M votes for McCain.

As for the $30M surplus that Obama’s campaign generated, I say let him keep it.  I mean personally, not rolling it into the next campaign or anything — if you can win and not use all the money, you should get a performance bonus.  Maybe only half — send an email to the 4M people on his donors list and tell them they can get some money back if they apply (or send them all Starbucks gift cards or something), adding up to $15M, and then he keeps the other $15M.

Under my plan, if you lose the election, you don’t get this option.  You can’t bag the popular vote and take home a big stack of cash.

Actually, given that taxpayers shelled out $84M for McCain’s losing effort, I think Obama should donate the $30M to the Treasury or FEC or whoever wrote the checks to McCain.  Then when he inevitably raises taxes, he can at least say that he’s leading by example.

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catching up on Canada

I am now more up to date on Canadian political affairs than I have been in many years. Thanks to Neil Macdonald (what a great Canadian name) up there at the CBC:

My dear American neighbours,

I see the political crisis in Canada has finally made it into the Washington Post’s Foreign Briefs column.

So, anticipating a flood of interest from all of you at the dog run in the morning, let me try to give you some idea of what’s happening up there.

A few weeks ago, we had an election in Canada, a couple of weeks before yours, actually. A political party known as the Conservatives won.

Well, sort of. They didn’t win in the sense that most of you understand winning. I’ll get to that in a second.

They also aren’t what most of you would consider conservative.

Entertaining and informative — get yourself up to date here.

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omg.  I’m dying here.

“he picked a woman for vice-president thinking we’re stupid and we’d vote for a woman.  and it was just a white woman.  I mean, why didn’t he pick… oh, what’s her name, uh… Conda-lay-lay”

and no, she wasn’t saying it like Condi is her friend, she said it like she really didn’t know what Ms. Rice’s first name was.

“and I was disgusted when that person in the crowd called Obama an arab and he said, ‘No No, he’s not an arab’, like being an arab was a bad thing or somethin’…”

ugh.  the woman called Obama a Muslim, which was clearly trying to tie him to muslim extremists and terrorists.  what should McCain have done?  if he didn’t refute her comment right there and then, he would have been perceived as condoning it…

I need a set of in-ear noise-canceling headphones before this cubical-hell drives me batty.


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