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perfect season so far

settling in to the Caps game tonight, I’m proud to say I’ve watched all the locally televised games this year — 3 for 3, and I listened to them beat up on the Canucks on the radio (crappy AM radio, no less).  I’ve got tix for six regular season games locked in, which is about how many games I typically see spread out over two seasons.

good times.

Let’s Go Caps!

Go Leafs Go!



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my favorite new commercial

it’s local — very local — but it’s good.  Coach Boudreau is looking for a new car, and he needs a REALLY BIG CUP HOLDER:

and so the Mercedes ML has a Stanley-Cup sized cup holder pop-up in the rear luggage compartment… made me LOL…

that’s good stuff.  a description of Coach’s debut here.

— turns out it’s not Coach’s debut; he was #7 for the Presidents vs. the Cheifs in Slap Shot.  awesome.

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there has to be a morning after…

so I get home from the Caps losing Game 7, only to be greeted by “The Day After” (aka “TDA”) on SciFi.com (also a channel on basic cable). it is well known that if I find TDA on TV, I can’t possibly turn away — it’s burned into me as a result of seeing the TV-movie on it’s original airing back in the 80’s. I think they edited this version, as I don’t remember seeing the bride-and-groom being incinerated as they kiss (one of the early memories that sent me crying to the bathroom when I was 10…)

it’s literally mind-numbing to think that we were ever that close to nuclear armageddon… or the horrific after-effects of nuclear radiation. but I’ve written about this before, haven’t I? but beyond the obvious shock-effect — in my dreams, I’ve smelled the ionized air and the fallout. how do you explain that? I’ve sat underground listening to the victims above (again, in my dreams). how many else have lived though the same, even though it wasn’t the real thing? I know this is no where near as bad as if it ever had have happened — but how many of us have been victims of this war that never happened? and maybe, how much better is the world for having scared us so much.

and damn if the Caps couldn’t have pulled off a win against the Flyers. I mean, the F’ing FLYERS.

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Best Hockey Songs of All Time #3: Lonely End of the Rink

Some say this song is about Gordon (lead singer, The Tragically Hip) and his brother the goalie (“I had the dream of having no room” to shoot and score…); I read somewhere else that it was about two people stuck in a relationship, feeling abandoned (“like, if you need me you’re on your own”). That makes me think the song is best not over-analyzed; just appreciated for capturing the spirit of the game.

Here’s the lead singer, talking about how shots from 95 feet can fool you, as an intro to the song:

I hear your voice ‘cross a frozen lake
a voice from the end of a leaf
saying, ‘you won’t die of a thousand fakes
or be beaten by the sweetest of dekes’

Seriously, “beaten by the sweetest of dekes”?! You will never hear a hockey reference like that in a rock/pop song, not in a thousand years.

Oh to join the rush
as the season builds
Jump into the rush
as the seasons build

Of course, a goalie can’t join the rush — they’re stuck at the lonely end of the rink. Unless he’s talking about the rush of the playoffs. GO Caps GO!

Full lyrics.


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