my bid for “obscure reference boy 2009”

walking with my friend/boss Lisa through the hall at work, we pass a contractor/colleague.  she’s familiar, but I don’t know her name.

Lisa: “Hi Lisa.”

Lisa: “Hey, Lisa.”

Me: “whoa, where’s the Cult Jam?”

Lisa, Lisa:  <crickets>

yeah.  I’m going to chalk it up to a generational thing.  or maybe the fact that not everybody has the compulsive need to make a witty (and I know that’s being generous) pop-culture reference to every other little thing that is said or observed.  I’ve seen those references beget more references, which beget even more obscure references, to the point that two people are just hurling random movie/tv quotes and associated trivia at each other.  it’s kind of scary.



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3 responses to “my bid for “obscure reference boy 2009”

  1. Rob

    Awesome… just awesome…

    maybe they didn’t get it because they were lost in emotion… waiting for the full force of the reference to reach them from head to toe…

  2. Once again, Rob, THANKS for the earworm!

  3. Rob

    My pleasure Kelly, but don’t worry…Everything Will B-Fine… don’t get all cried out… Just Git It Together…

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