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“you like hockey? I play hockey…”

I don’t know if that line worked for my teammate all those years back, but it might be worth a shot.

Ladies in Leafs t-shirts and jerseys are definitely on my list of favorite things, but it looks like she has a twin that is a Caps fan…


Maybe she’d like to accompany my friend Killer to the Leafs/Caps game in December.  Oh snap, I forgot he can’t make that game…  I guess they’ll just have to accompany me.  B-dog, can I buy out your ticket for that night?


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get out of my dreams, get into my electric car

she wants a 100 mpg car too, and thinks electric is the way to go.  like I said before, I don’t care how I get 100 mpg equivalent (let’s say $0.04/mile, where right now my commute costs $0.14/mile), I’d just like to get there sometime soon.

moblogic.tv seems to have an interesting vlog each and every day, with a libertarian bent (though they never come right out and get preachy about it).  if the hostess looks familiar, it’s because she stars in Crest Whitestrips TV ads where she has a smile so bright it makes mere mortals look like a spokesmen for Hedley & Wyche.  she’s also in an ad that, for about 15 seconds, actually made me want to have four periods per year.  (when Logical is doing all the research and web-surfing, I felt I could really relate.  and when Emotional is dancing around; well don’t we all want to feel that carefree?  seriously, she’s that good.)

unfortunately, she’s looking to Detroit for a solution.  good luck getting anything innovative out of them, I’m still looking towards Silicon Valley…

here’s moblogic’s inaugural post with a brief introduction:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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