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I’m a pack rat.

last week I recycled a whole bunch of paper-products cluttering the workspace.

I held up the packet of information from that firm — the one with their “Top 10 places to work” re-prints, the description of their benefits package, the business cards of the people who I interviewed with…  I evaluated the packet for several moments.  it had been a year since I had interviewed, and I was thoroughly disappointed when they didn’t extend an offer.  since then I had reconciled it to myself; it would have been a good move, but it wasn’t a make-or-break moment in my career.  it’s probably all for the best.

normally, I would have held on to the packet — a memento of the process and something I might look back and reminisce about in the future.  but this time I tossed it in the recycling.

and this week, that firm made a deal to buy our firm.

this only serves to reinforce my pack-rat tendencies.



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