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game changer?

I know the night is early and there are a lot of votes out in California, but I’m looking at Obama 13,786,707 — McCain 13,533, 528 as the popular vote stands right now.

That’s Obama’s 49.9% to McCain’s 49.2%.

Sure, the electoral college is 174 (Obama) to 69 (McCain), but where is the big landslide?  Where is all the rejection of the Republican party?  Where is the mandate for Change?



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you know that thing people sometimes say, when they’re trying not to sound racist or bigoted, that only makes them sound vaguely racist/bigoted as well as kind of hokey and old-fashioned… they say something like:

I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, orange, purple, whatever…

because sure, there are yellow people.  and when they refer to the Orange, I can give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they’re referring to the faketan set.  but then they have to say Purple, and we all know there are no purple people.  not on this planet anyway.

so I heard a soundbite from McCain this morning, where he encouraged everyone to get out and vote:

“Republicans, Democrats, libertarians… vegetarians — whatever!”

right, because libertarians are about as viable as a constituency as vegetarians.

probability that I’d vote for McCain —
yesterday:  20%
as of this morning:  0%

[update:  turns out he’s used this phrase more than once, going back as far as the 2000 campaign.  but I was shocked, SHOCKED, when I heard it this morning…]

[update2:  the old fart is back on SNL tonight on their Election special… doesn’t he know that won’t get him any votes?  doesn’t he realize they’re making fun of him every second he’s on their show, behind his back, without him seeming to realize it?  it’s agonizing — almost worth a sympathy vote– NO NO, he’s not suckering me into a sympathy vote…]

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the politics of dancing

if you love our democracy, you must watch this video.  [sorry, can’t embed.]

http://view.break.com/592648 – Watch more free videos

[headline reference; watching that, I don’t blame the Russians for wanting to bomb us back to the stone age back in the 80’s.]

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my biggest fear for this election cycle

it’s not the Obama – McCain race that is all that interesting to me.  neither guy wins my vote.  neither guy is scary enough to compel me to vote against him.  I’ll argue for one and against the other based more on the issue/position of the person that I’m talking with…  (more on that in another post).

but as I told a co-worker over lunch this week, what I do fear is a united Capitol, under either party.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how ineffective the Democrats have been under Nancy Pelosi — I really thought that was going to be a sea change when they arrived.  I thought they were going to get us out of Iraq, like ASAP, the very first week they started their term.  which might not have been a bad idea, I’m just amazed at their lack of resolve.

anyhow, the Wall Street Journal has a brief outline of what America might expect under A Liberal Supermajority.  enjoy.

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[paraphrased somewhat]

“my [daughter, nephew, niece, whatever] had a teacher that started teaching them evolution.  she said not to tell their parents or anyone what she was teaching them, and last year it seemed to be OK, but this year somebody must have slipped… it’s not like you can teach kids that in school, and this was a Catholic school, so especially not there…

evolution says that we all evolved from, well from something or other…

… cuz her science teacher is like, a scientist.  and, it’s not like all scientists, but a lot of scientists, they don’t even believe in God — seriously!”

yeah.  I overheard this at work today.  well, at the ‘client site’ to be more specific.

I didn’t think Catholics had a huge problem with evolution (they’re not typically Creationists, are they?), which Wikipedia confirms, so this was doubly dumbfounding.

I was most astonished that the person didn’t even seem to be clear what we might have evolved from.  apparently her schooling had sheltered her from that harsh theory.


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I feel like I’d vote for this guy

unfortunately he’s a candidate we’ll never get a chance to vote for — he’s too honest.  here’s the highlights:

  • Fellow Americans, I know you worry about the economy. So do I. But, frankly, if you elect me, I won’t do much about it… [it’s too big; the President can’t really do anything to manage it]
  • What we can do is preserve an economic climate that favors long-term growth…
  • Of necessity, spending cuts should focus on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid…
  • We’ve also dawdled on energy. No one likes $125 a barrel oil. Last year, we paid an average price of $64 a barrel for imports. Some blame the oil companies, but the truth is that we’re all to blame. Americans like cheap gasoline and big vehicles…
  • “Energy independence” is a fraud… [amen.]

I’m not sure that I agree with his final point about poverty and immigration, but if it came down to one misguided policy out of a dozen (versus what we see already from the Republicans and Democrats), he’d get my vote.

of course, he wouldn’t get many other votes, because the voting populace doesn’t value sincerity and can’t handle complexity.  scratch that — they prefer emotionally satisfying explanations over logic and reason.  no surprise there, but it’s still disheartening to read such a clear explanation and know that 90% of your friends and neighbors could care less.  (“dey took ur jobs!”)

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it’s not how many runs you score, it’s when/where you score them

ah, George Will:

Hillary Clinton, 60, Illinois native and Arkansas lawyer, became, retroactively, a lifelong Yankee fan at age 52 when, shopping for a U.S. Senate seat, she adopted New York state as home sweet home. She may think, or at least would argue, that when she was 12 her Yankees really won the 1960 World Series, by standards of “fairness,” because they trounced the Pirates in runs scored, 55-27, over seven games, so there.

Unfortunately, baseball’s rules — pesky nuisances, rules — say it matters how runs are distributed during a World Series. The Pirates won four games, which is the point of the exercise, by a total margin of seven runs, while the Yankees were winning three by a total of 35 runs. You can look it up.

somebody needs to re-factor this into the form of a question, and ask Hillary during the Q&A of one of her appearances:  do you favor “fairness”, or do you favor the Rules?

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