omg.  I’m dying here.

“he picked a woman for vice-president thinking we’re stupid and we’d vote for a woman.  and it was just a white woman.  I mean, why didn’t he pick… oh, what’s her name, uh… Conda-lay-lay”

and no, she wasn’t saying it like Condi is her friend, she said it like she really didn’t know what Ms. Rice’s first name was.

“and I was disgusted when that person in the crowd called Obama an arab and he said, ‘No No, he’s not an arab’, like being an arab was a bad thing or somethin’…”

ugh.  the woman called Obama a Muslim, which was clearly trying to tie him to muslim extremists and terrorists.  what should McCain have done?  if he didn’t refute her comment right there and then, he would have been perceived as condoning it…

I need a set of in-ear noise-canceling headphones before this cubical-hell drives me batty.



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4 responses to “overheard

  1. Karen

    Conda-lay-lay? Yeah, that’s pretty bad. BUT, the second comment? I think the woman actually did call him an Arab, and McCain’s response was “No, he’s not an Arab, he’s a good, family man,” which implies that Arabs are NOT good family men.

    And I think he DID pick a woman to get the silly housefraus like me to vote for him. FAIL!!!!

  2. I think the only person with an intelligent response to the whole Muslim “accusation” was Colin Powell.

    I don’t know about silly hausfraus, but I do think that Sarah Palin was an angle he was working. It may have worked, too, had the economy not tanked so quickly. VP choices are always made for political expedience. In retrospect, Romney would have been a more judicious (and probably successful) choice.

  3. Karen

    Agreed; Colin Powell’s response was spot-on. And Sarah Palin would not have appealed to me, even had the economy not tanked, for a variety of reasons.

  4. Oh yeah, that’s for sure. But I think she would have been less of a problem for many people, that’s all. I think she is doing just find in the land of the midnight sun, quite frankly.

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