the uninsured

now, I don’t think the first caricature is very fair — those who can afford health insurance and choose not to buy are just as likely to be joe sixpack as they are to be tea-sipping elites (is that who that first guy is supposed to be?). “…but I don’t want it” is too simplistic; “I can afford it, but it’s not a priority” is probably more realistic.
I know, because I was that guy (with a dash of “Super 18-25 year-old”) for a while. I believe the Kaiser plan I researched at the time was $125/month; but I was indestructable (and playing hockey at the time too, as I recall).


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  1. Wait, aren’t we entitled to have everything we want without having to make tough choices? Shouldn’t we be able to have two cars AND take a vacation to visit family each year? Shouldn’t I be able to have health care covered and not sacrifice anything for it?
    Yeah, I was a cash patient for 5 years or so. I never missed a Pap smear and I never went to the health dept. (where I could have received one for much cheaper, not to mention oral contraceptives and a discounted rate).
    There is no doubt in my mind that our health care system needs to be reformed. I just wonder why so many lawyers….

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