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I guess I shouldn’t complain

marginal tax rates from 1954 are in red below, current rates in blue —

it’s nice to know that when I push my income up over the $750,000 mark, my marginal tax rate won’t go from 88% to 90% (paying $900 in taxes for every additional $1,000 I earn), like back in the ’50s.  I’ll only be paying $370 tax on each addition $1000, just like back when I only made $325,000.  good times.

[political calculations has all kinds of interesting stuff, like what are the chances your marriage will last? (KJ and I have a 45% chance of reaching 25 years and a 30% chance of reaching 35 years…  yikes!)]



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Best Hockey Songs of All Time #2: Hockey Night In Canada Theme

The reason I have delayed on #2 and #1 is that I wasn’t sure which should get top billing.  My decision was made even more difficult when I tried to find an appropriate version of the song on YouTube…

What the hell happened to the HNIC theme song?  Who was the ass-clown at the CBC that decided that a Nickelback cover of an Elton John song was appropriate to introduce a hockey game?  I won’t even link to the video versions of this abomination that I found, it’s just too painful, but rest assured that hockey isn’t just all about fighting (even if it is Saturday Night — oh, how clever!).  It’s an important element to the game, but to make it the focus of the theme song — and to get Nickelback involved — ugh.

So here is my #2 choice: The CBC Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song, [alternate high-school-band version here]:

Bonus: Peter Puck.  When I was young, I couldn’t follow the puck on TV, and Peter Puck was the main reason I watched the game.  Later, I became an American; ‘traded’ to the U.S., if you will… coincidence?  I think not.


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