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SNL: Palin-Fey, Phelps 12,000 calorie diet

Saturday Night Live this week sounds like a recap of this blog from the past few weeks.

Frightening realization, straight from my mom:  if Micheal Phelps eats that much, just imagine how many times a day he must be go to the bathroom.  Terrifying.

And as for Tina Fey: she nailed Palin — tone, cadence, facial expressions…  I never thought of her as much of an impressionist (not a criticism, I just don’t think she did many segments in that vein) — but she was incredible.  Granted I’m like, 90% in love with her already, but I think this was a great moment.  If they ever have Tina Palin and Sarah Palin come together on a segment, I think my head will explode.

Unfortunately, as they ran the SNL opening credits I also made this prediction:  “That was the peak for the season; it’s all downhill from here.”  And the rest of the show pretty much proved that out (though Weekdend Update was pretty strong).

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simple joys of Christmas

December 18th.  I call my sister to confirm some Christmas plans and ask what my nephews might want under the tree.  “Wait a sec, I’ll put him on…”

“I want two boxes of cereal.”

I hardly had a chance to ask him what he meant, and he put his mom back on the phone.  Was he serious?  Yes, she said, he keeps saying that he wants two boxes of cereal for Christmas.  Well alright then.

Later that evening I determined that I really was going to buy him cereal for Christmas.  Either I’d be the best uncle EVER, or he would learn a hard lesson and I’d end up being referred to as “crazy old uncle Cheese, the guy who wraps up kitchen perishables for his nephews.”  (Beats “Mean Old Uncle Chris”, I suppose.)

A few days later I called my sister to confirm — was it a specific type of cereal, or would any do?  It turns out he really wanted the toy inside Fruit Loops (an “XBox mini-game”), but I still had to laugh.  And while I didn’t get any pictures of him when he was really excited, this was him when he had calmed down:

Fruit Loops x2

Merry Christmas!


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funniest thing on television?

I know this is a stretch, and I love NBC’s Thursday night above all other television, but pound-for-pound I think this guy is the funniest thing on TV right now:

don’t ask me why, but I’ve watched “How I Met Your Mother” since it started — I really like the premise, it has such promise, but always leaves me feeling like it’s so, so… hokey — still I can’t stop watching.  anyhow, this season, Big Bang Theory followed it, and while it’s true that I mostly tuned in hoping they’d keep catching the blonde getting out of the shower (or something else out of Meatballs playbook), this guy is hysterical.  he’s a stereotypical GEEK, no doubt, but somehow keeps it from being a complete caricature — maybe there is just enough realism when he goes off on a tangent that it makes it clear the writers aren’t copping-out.

anyhow, good stuff.  you might hate me if you start watching it, but I don’t care.


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This cracked me up. Go there now and listen to the mp3…

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“are we failing our children?”

A report that our schools are not adequately preparing our children to deal with alcohol.
In The Know: Teenagers and Alcohol


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new web thing: BaG

in the spirit of LoL, I propose BaG: Busted a Gut.  as in “I laughed so hard I Busted a Gut”

what made me think of this?  “christopher’s” (no relation) punchline at 8:15 in these comments.

seriously.  came close to BuaL…

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addiction, thy name is Facebook

hola.  I suppose it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’m almost embarrassed to say why.

I’ve been on a bit of a bender.  3 days, a week, two weeks… it’s hard to say how long it’s been.  it has gone by in a blur.  all I know is that I have 51 friends — if you join now you can be number 52.  it’s not that 51 is a bad/low number, it’s just that I find it hard to believe that [name withheld] has over 120 friends… I mean, they were a real loser back in high school.  so, not that it’s important that I have more friends than them by next week, but seriously, if I don’t I’m quitting Facebook.

Oh, I can quit Facebook.  I can quit anytime I want.  it’s not like it has some kind of hold over me… it’s easy to resist going back and checking the group for my adolescent summer camp or the group for my middle/high school — it’s EASY to resist.  I just CHOOSE to keep those pages open in a tab in my browser and refresh them every five minutes because, hey, you never know who might have posted something witty on the wall, or who might have posted a picture with me lurking somewhere in the background (blurry and obscured — but I know it was me) and I need to tag it so everyone knows it’s me.  or better yet, I can tag it AND write the first witty thing in the comments for that photo.  that’s so perfect; that’s exactly how they’ll all remember me from high school, as the witty blurry lurking guy.  PERFECT.

no — just like coffee, online Texas Hold’em, and RedBullAndVodka before it, Facebook is not an addiction, it’s just another small thing that contributes to the whole person that is me.  and at least 51 people like me for that person that I virtually am, so who am I to decide to just stop?

and like I said before, if you act now you can be #52.  no pressure.


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