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the politics of dancing

if you love our democracy, you must watch this video.  [sorry, can’t embed.]

http://view.break.com/592648 – Watch more free videos

[headline reference; watching that, I don’t blame the Russians for wanting to bomb us back to the stone age back in the 80’s.]


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just as long as she does something cute, I don’t mind…

via Ironick, via adennak (who I think sounds like an angry prick*, but whose flowchart made me laugh) …

… that’s for you, K.

[ * if someone hasn’t said it yet, “blogs are just like opinions and assholes…”  and I openly admit and recognize that I also fall in that category.]

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SNL: Palin-Fey, Phelps 12,000 calorie diet

Saturday Night Live this week sounds like a recap of this blog from the past few weeks.

Frightening realization, straight from my mom:  if Micheal Phelps eats that much, just imagine how many times a day he must be go to the bathroom.  Terrifying.

And as for Tina Fey: she nailed Palin — tone, cadence, facial expressions…  I never thought of her as much of an impressionist (not a criticism, I just don’t think she did many segments in that vein) — but she was incredible.  Granted I’m like, 90% in love with her already, but I think this was a great moment.  If they ever have Tina Palin and Sarah Palin come together on a segment, I think my head will explode.

Unfortunately, as they ran the SNL opening credits I also made this prediction:  “That was the peak for the season; it’s all downhill from here.”  And the rest of the show pretty much proved that out (though Weekdend Update was pretty strong).

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prediction: Tina Fey cameos on SNL

… as Sarah Palin.  you heard it here first.


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do I see hockey jerseys at the RNC?

It appears Michigan delegates are supporting Palin by wearing hockey jerseys, playing up the “hockey-mom” theme.  Baltimore Sun writer Dan Rodrick does a nice write-up on what Hockey Mom really means — and no, it’s not the same as a soccer mom, not nearly.

First of all, I should point out some distinctions between hockey moms and the soccer moms of American political cliché.

Soccer moms get to attend their children’s games in the great outdoors, often in warm sunshine. Hockey moms rise early, in the dark morning hours of a winter Saturday or Sunday, and drive their hockey-playing children to an ice rink in time for an 8:00 am game, which occurs indoors, under the dim lights of cold hockey rinks.

Not to mention the cold steel bleachers in those freezing arenas.  I’m not sure that he captures all the nuances of Hockey-Mom spectrum in his three definitions; he describes Cool-Not-Cold Mom, Power Play Mom, and X-treme Hockey Mom — who sounds a lot like Mama Ovechkin, super-agent to her son — but where’s Domi-Mom, the mom that will climb over the glass and go toe-to-toe with your kid if he takes out your son with a cheapshot?

But to quote the great Dicky Dunn, he “captured the spirit of the thing”.  [article here]

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