“invest in college affordability”

this was something Obama said in the debates tonight, but I have no idea what it might possibly mean.

how do you invest in college “affordability”?  invest in technology that makes delivery of higher educational ‘services’ more affordable?  or are they just talking about cutting the cost of college through some subsidies/loan-programs?

college has never been so accessible to so many people — by definition, that’s affordability.  look at the numbers of people attending college year over year for the past 10 years — I bet it’s never gone down.  those people are all funded by something that is making it affordable enough to not skip and jump straight into the labor force…

I joked about this with several MBA students last week at an alumni event I attended; I said, “oh yeah, you guys have it so hard,” — and they all laughed back.  it was nervous laughter, because they’re unsure if the investment in this Masters degree will pay off for them when the Wall Street jobs they aspired to are being cut back, but they know they’re investing in their futures and that’s a good bet.



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4 responses to ““invest in college affordability”

  1. I believe that Sen. Obama’s perception stems from the fact that college tuition and fees have increased at a rate higher than inflation.
    Seems to me, this all comes down to the same question asked about health care: right, privilege, or responsibility? I am pretty sure that the Declaration of Independence only lists three inalienable rights, and I don’t recall health care or college education being on the list.

  2. Bryan H

    I agree that there are enough resources (loans, grants, scholarships, starting at a junior college) currently available for would-be college students. The majority of my tuition was paid for by financial aid/school loans. Granted, I am still paying on that loan, but I deemed it an acceptable trade.

  3. Hi! My name is Becca and I work at Campus Progress, the youth outreach division of the Center for American Progress, here in Washington D.C. We just launched a campaign called “Students Over Banks” or “SOB” for short. We’re campaigning for more college affordability and we hope you can help us with a little bit of publicity. We know you have a lot of influence (wow almost 32,000 hits!!!) and we were wondering if you could share our promotional video for our campaign.

    The video is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0lfNKGOf14
    And our campaign website is here: http://www.studentsoverbanks.org

    Thank you so much, we really want to get a lot of young people involved so all your help matters!

  4. I approved Becca’s comment mostly because she was so flattering — she thinks I have a lot of influence (“wow!”; her words).

    I also approved it because I am dedicated to the exchange of ideas and public debate.

    But I can’t help but think she didn’t bother to read my post and simply commented based on the headline; focused spamming, if you will.

    If you follow her link to the SOB site, please also read the following so you might get the other side of the story: ‘The Case Against College Entitlements” http://reason.com/blog/show/134773.html

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