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there has to be a morning after…

so I get home from the Caps losing Game 7, only to be greeted by “The Day After” (aka “TDA”) on SciFi.com (also a channel on basic cable). it is well known that if I find TDA on TV, I can’t possibly turn away — it’s burned into me as a result of seeing the TV-movie on it’s original airing back in the 80’s. I think they edited this version, as I don’t remember seeing the bride-and-groom being incinerated as they kiss (one of the early memories that sent me crying to the bathroom when I was 10…)

it’s literally mind-numbing to think that we were ever that close to nuclear armageddon… or the horrific after-effects of nuclear radiation. but I’ve written about this before, haven’t I? but beyond the obvious shock-effect — in my dreams, I’ve smelled the ionized air and the fallout. how do you explain that? I’ve sat underground listening to the victims above (again, in my dreams). how many else have lived though the same, even though it wasn’t the real thing? I know this is no where near as bad as if it ever had have happened — but how many of us have been victims of this war that never happened? and maybe, how much better is the world for having scared us so much.

and damn if the Caps couldn’t have pulled off a win against the Flyers. I mean, the F’ing FLYERS.


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