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simple joys of Christmas

December 18th.  I call my sister to confirm some Christmas plans and ask what my nephews might want under the tree.  “Wait a sec, I’ll put him on…”

“I want two boxes of cereal.”

I hardly had a chance to ask him what he meant, and he put his mom back on the phone.  Was he serious?  Yes, she said, he keeps saying that he wants two boxes of cereal for Christmas.  Well alright then.

Later that evening I determined that I really was going to buy him cereal for Christmas.  Either I’d be the best uncle EVER, or he would learn a hard lesson and I’d end up being referred to as “crazy old uncle Cheese, the guy who wraps up kitchen perishables for his nephews.”  (Beats “Mean Old Uncle Chris”, I suppose.)

A few days later I called my sister to confirm — was it a specific type of cereal, or would any do?  It turns out he really wanted the toy inside Fruit Loops (an “XBox mini-game”), but I still had to laugh.  And while I didn’t get any pictures of him when he was really excited, this was him when he had calmed down:

Fruit Loops x2

Merry Christmas!



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rights watch

Property owners no longer allowed to restrict demonstrators from their private property.  I think we should set up a protest in the living room of the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court… see how he likes it.

Remember kids, the Bill of Rights lays out things that the Government cannot do against it’s citizens — it does not proscribe how citizens (or organizations/corporations) must treat each other.  This is what so many people in the media get wrong — you don’t have the right to get your opinions on TV or published in the paper, that’s entirely up to the people that own those outlets.

I supposed I should back off because this ruling is supposedly based on free speech guarantees in California’s Constitution, and not the U.S. Constitution.

But as the saying goes, “As California goes, so goes the nation.”

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liberties lost

Radley Balko serves up his annual list of predictions . Please go read them now.

Go… Scoot. I’ll wait…

OK, if you read it and didn’t get it, the list was actual liberties lost and/or ignored during the past year (as evidenced by the hyperlinks in each). One can only imagine what 2008 will really bring.

[update: fixed the link above to “predictions”; it previously pointed to Will Smith: Nazi Sympathizer — just kidding, I read that story with fascination/frustration because I said the same thing a few months back, and nobody understood what I meant either.]


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Happy Holidays

… from the Westboro Baptist Church:

— words escape me. I almost thought that this was a parody; in which case it would be brilliant.


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Kids and Christmas — BAH!

It’s a little crazy, it this YouTube world in which we live, to think that at one time somebody said something that was not captured in 640×480/30fps, to be preserved for all eternity. For the love of TCP/IP — “Leave Britney Alone” is the punchline of a radio commercial — popular enough to believe that 50% of people driving in their cars will get the joke. Ugh.

Anyhow, ’tis the season that my grandfather would always say, “Kids and Christmas — BAH!” The twinkle in his eye, the Santa-like grin, showed that he didn’t mean it the way it sounded. It was as much a part of Christmas as anything I can remember. Good times.

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the other steroid problem

Cops on ‘roids.

via Reason.

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what if there was not a law against murder?

If one of the 50 states did not have a law against murder on the books, would the federal government be obligated to do anything about it?

just wondering.


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