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innocence lost

When my daughter J was a newborn, I remember a conversation with my wife about what it meant to have a daughter. I told her that even though our infant daughter was a perfect, tiny little angel up to that point it was bittersweet because “daughters will break their father’s hearts.”  I wasn’t entirely sure what I meant at the time, but I knew it to be true.  my wife asked her father about my comment, and he agreed, and even recalled one of the times when it was particularly true for him in their relationship.

anyhow, so I was singing one of my favourite new songs to J yesterday:

Oh no, no, I never go to work.
Oh no, no, I never go to work.
Oh no, no, I never go to work.
Oh no, no, I never go to work.

On Mondays, I never go to work.
On Tuesdays, I stay at home.
On Wednesdays, I never feel inclined.
Work is the last thing on my mind.

On Thursdays, it’s a holiday!
And Fridays I detest.
Oh it’s much too late on a Saturday,
And Sunday is the day of rest.

I modified the lyrics a little bit to make the song an apology for leaving her, because I had to go to work.  something like, 

It’s Monday — so I gotta go to work,
I don’t want to — but I’ve got to make some money,
On Tuesday — I’ll probably go to work,
Cuz really — I’m just a mindless wage-slave…

something like that.  

“honey, I’d love to stay home with you — no NO, I never want to go to work!” I say.

my daughter responds with all earnestness, virtually pushing me out the door with her hug: “oh daddy, that’s just a song.

so somehow along the line, in her two and a half brief years, my daughter has learned that working 40 hours a week Monday to Friday is the norm, and “playing trumpet everyday” is only appropriate in songs.  I guess I thought that it would take a few years of public-schooling before she built a box around her creativity and energy and resigned herself to working for a living… and I can’t help but feel like a failure as a father.

maybe it’s not too late to turn her ship around.

once again ladies and gentlemen — They Might Be Giants: [zip forward to 0:30]


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fotd: the opposite of “bubble and bust”

President Obama tonight said that we need to prevent “the cycle of bubble and bust”.

The opposite of bubble-and-bust is a planned economy.  Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?  Sure, we’ll just plan the economy and we won’t have to worry about business cycles or economic downturns anymore.

Wikipedia’s list of current, glorious ‘planned economies’: Cuba, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, and Burma.

Yeah.  Let’s not sign up to get on that list.

[ugh, he just said “dependence on foreign oil”.  will it be so much greater when we’re dependent on foreign wind-power technology?  apparently Europeans have all the technology…]

Everybody likes to think that if we just add a little regulation here and a little nationalization there, we can prevent bubble-and-bust without completely dismantling Capitalism.

What we’ll end up with is the same thing we got after the Great Depression — huge government programs, the worst of which are Ponzi-schemes, which will burden the country for generations.  Good times.


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interesting thought as 100,000 (and Oprah) gather to hear Obama speak…

“The darkest moments in world history have occurred during the confluence of a bad economy and a charismatic leader.”  Tim Slagle

not that I’m expecting the worst, but then nobody expects the worst at moments like this — they’re too wrapped up in the Audacity of Hope and Change they can Believe In.

they’re calling it Obama-palooza.  meh.


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my biggest fear for this election cycle

it’s not the Obama – McCain race that is all that interesting to me.  neither guy wins my vote.  neither guy is scary enough to compel me to vote against him.  I’ll argue for one and against the other based more on the issue/position of the person that I’m talking with…  (more on that in another post).

but as I told a co-worker over lunch this week, what I do fear is a united Capitol, under either party.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how ineffective the Democrats have been under Nancy Pelosi — I really thought that was going to be a sea change when they arrived.  I thought they were going to get us out of Iraq, like ASAP, the very first week they started their term.  which might not have been a bad idea, I’m just amazed at their lack of resolve.

anyhow, the Wall Street Journal has a brief outline of what America might expect under A Liberal Supermajority.  enjoy.

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kids say the darndest things

my wife was so kind to relate this to me…

so after all the sweetness of the other day, apparently my daughter held up my Seinfeld DVD box today, pointed to George Costanza, and said,

“that’s daddy!”

ugh.  all I can say is that when/if we play hockey, she better keep her head up.

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Kent A. Sepkowitz: no friend of mine

The technology to limit car speed has existed for more than 50 years — it’s called cruise control. In its common application, cruise control maintains a steady speed, but a minor adjustment would assure that vehicles, no matter the horsepower, never go past 75 miles per hour. This safety measure should be required of every new automobile, the same as seat belts, turning signals, brake lights and air bags.

NYT: “No Need For Speed

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fear of the day: “spiders straight out of the Jurassic period”

that’s what an air-conditioning technician says he has run across while fixing units in people’s attics, in an interview on NPR/Marketplace this evening.

made me shiver.

I heard once that no matter where you are, you’re never more than 10 feet away from a spider. (but I just thought of an exception: swimming in the middle of a pool.  mental note…)

BONUS FEAR:  listening to Marketplace is going to turn me into a socialist.  it seems that they always put the worst spin on any good financial news, and seem to take delight when the markets are down.  this week they had a series on ‘World Workers’, and yesterday their subject was a trans-gender sex worker in Baku, Azerbaijan.  I kid you not. what does that have to do with financial markets and business news?  it’s like trying turning to Fox News and hoping to get fair and balanced information.  why do I even bother?

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