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the politics of dancing

if you love our democracy, you must watch this video.  [sorry, can’t embed.] – Watch more free videos

[headline reference; watching that, I don’t blame the Russians for wanting to bomb us back to the stone age back in the 80’s.]


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how will we explain to our children…

that once apon a time, this was cool; and that 18 years later nostalgia might get the better of us and we might link to the video and reminisce about simpler times:

it’s amazing to think that this was before all that Austin Powers psuedo-psychedlic 60’s stuff.  maybe in explaining it to my children I can use it as a segue into the works of Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest..

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best. wife. ever.

Happy Birthday to Me!  (Thanks K)


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hey Kobe, show me how you Gas Face

in Shaq’s defense, do you realize how difficult it is to rhyme something with “last place”?  I mean, that’s almost as impossible as rhyming with “orange”.

what amazes me the most about this is what TMZ has bleeped from the video…  apparently you can string together several words into an offensive sentence, and there’s no need to bleep the sentence; but a handful of offensive words have to be bleeped.  shit gets bleeped.  nigga, when used by a black man (Shaq) in a non-offensive way, gets bleeped.  but asking another man ‘tell me how my ass tastes’?  yeah, that’s permitted, even on TV.  I don’t get it.

anyhow, the only thing I can come up with that rhymes with “last place” is “gas face”.  for those of you who have forgotten (or tried to forget), here’s MC Serch and Prime Minister Pete Nice laying it down:

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One GOP strategist took Paul’s level of support in Pennsylvania as a cautionary sign, calling it “alarming.”

Yeah, I’d say.

I’ve followed Paul pretty closely, and to hear he took 16% in PA, after the Paul campaign had basically halted and where McCain was the only legitimate candidate… well, what do you think that says?

[OK, not such a hard question — I guess it says that they support Paul on Iraq (get out) vs McCain (‘Mr. I-architected-the-Surge’) — pretty easy to figure out]

Politico:Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio agrees.

“A large portion of those Ron Paul supporters are anti-Bush, anti-war Republicans,” he said. “They’ll wind up back with McCain because, while they may disagree on the war or be mad at Bush, the prospect of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is more frightening.”

And, as Carney notes, there is no Paul-like third-party candidate around whom they can rally and vent their frustrations.

Nope, not yet…

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simple joys of Christmas

December 18th.  I call my sister to confirm some Christmas plans and ask what my nephews might want under the tree.  “Wait a sec, I’ll put him on…”

“I want two boxes of cereal.”

I hardly had a chance to ask him what he meant, and he put his mom back on the phone.  Was he serious?  Yes, she said, he keeps saying that he wants two boxes of cereal for Christmas.  Well alright then.

Later that evening I determined that I really was going to buy him cereal for Christmas.  Either I’d be the best uncle EVER, or he would learn a hard lesson and I’d end up being referred to as “crazy old uncle Cheese, the guy who wraps up kitchen perishables for his nephews.”  (Beats “Mean Old Uncle Chris”, I suppose.)

A few days later I called my sister to confirm — was it a specific type of cereal, or would any do?  It turns out he really wanted the toy inside Fruit Loops (an “XBox mini-game”), but I still had to laugh.  And while I didn’t get any pictures of him when he was really excited, this was him when he had calmed down:

Fruit Loops x2

Merry Christmas!


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my treo is my hot hot sex

This stupid song has been stuck in my head since that iPod Touch commercial came out. No, it didn’t prompt me to go out and buy one, I still like my Treo (yes, it plays MP3s).Cansei de Ser Sexy (literally “tired of being sexy” in Portuguese; better known as CSS) may not have a mastery of English — but it’s pure pop candy. Candy I’d resell for 900% markup. The name of the song is “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” which is just so, so true no matter what language you translate it to.


  • Microsoft used this same some for their Zune mp3 player a year ago [link].
  • You can’t accuse Apple of copying MSFT since the ad was created by 18-year-old British student, Nick Haley; he created the ad for fun and posted it on YouTube… Apple contacted him when they saw it and had him remake it professionally.  But it still reminds me of their ad that ripped off The Postal Service.
  • You can blame Apple for copying the modern user interface from Xerox.  I’m still not letting them off the hook for that either.



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