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Best Hockey Songs of All Time: Starting with #7…

In celebration of the playoffs, and in an attempt to string together seven consecutive days of posts, I present my list of THE BEST HOCKEY SONGS OF ALL TIME.

At #7 is an unconventional, and possibly non-sensical choice: “The Kid Is Hot Tonight” by Loverboy, circa1981.

“But this isn’t a hockey song!?” — OK, so says you. Here’s what I remember: I was about seven years old, and my next door neighbor was babysitting me while my parent’s went out. It was a cold spring night in Oshawa, Ontario, and this babysitter was crazy about Wayne Gretzky. I didn’t watch a lot of hockey as a kid, but I distinctly remember her letting me sit up on top of the floor-console TV to listen to the stereo on those ridiculous 70’s headphones, rocking out to her Loverboy tape. She had the hockey game on, and told me that they called Wayne Gretzky “the kid”, and that this was his theme song:

How do you like him so far?
How do you like his show?
How do you like the way he rocks and the way he rolls?

How do you like his image?
How do you like his style?
How do you like the way he looks and the way he smiles?

The Kid is hot tonight
whoa so hot tonight
but where will he be tomorrow?

… the Hall of Fame, no surprise. Gretzky was hot just about every night back then. And not everybody like his style. So it made sense to me. And so while this isn’t necessarily a hockey song, it’s my #7.

Besides, Loverboy is Canadian, so there is probably some connection to hockey. I bet their drummer played in a semi-pro league or something…

Full lyrics.



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