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fear of the day: stupid people that think they’re smarter than everyone else

let’s see if I can break this down:

  1. guy posts personal ad on craigslist (he has since removed it — shocker)
  2. somebody tips Gawker. they post Mr. Right Iz Here, Ladies.
  3. Mr. Right discovers their post and calls Gawker headquarters and leave a voice message. he also tapes it ‘so his lawyer could hear’ (bare in mind, this is a one-way conversation; he’s not recording anyone at Gawker) and equates re-posting his picture to stealing his social security number: “that’s fraud!”
  4. Gawker let’s everyone in on Mr. Right’s legal threats with Cash-Waving Craigslist Player’s Fury: ‘These Photos Are Mines’

the rant (full audio at Gawker) is almost as funny as it is sad.

update: I almost forgot the teaser pic that will surely make you want to read more…

…Levelor shades,ladies — believe it.

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