Trump: afraid of Joan Rivers

I am actually mad at the end of the Apprentice finale.  That may have been the most cowardly thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

Joan and Melissa Rivers played the victim card every time.  Joan played the Hitler-card, called all poker players “worse than white trash”, accused them all of being associated with the mafia (I mean, professional poker players are more likely to hold a CPA than be associated with mobsters — many of them are downright geeky)  and just generally looked ridiculous ranting and raving against someone who is clearly smarter and cooler under pressure.

And Trump picked Joan Rivers.

This explicit validation of all the ridiculous lies and insults… of implicitly rewarding Melissa for being nothing more than a no-talent toadie and whiny spoiled brat… it’s all just too much.  I shouldn’t be this angry about the outcome of a stupid reality show, but I’m livid.

And it wasn’t just Trump, the other stupid celebrities said they would pick Joan as well (Scott Hamilton, Dennis Rodman, I think there was another) — these are people who may cross paths with the Rivers in the future; it’s unlikely they’ll ever cross Annie again.  And if they do, it will be across a poker table where they are supposed to be adversaries.  But they can’t afford to be ignored by Joan Rivers on the red carpet… this was a power play, plain and simple.  And while it’s hard to believe she has any pull anywhere, it looks like Joan Rivers has more celebrity power than Annie Duke.

I would love to have overheard what Annie said to Trump as she shook his hand.  I bet she told him he made a terrible mistake; I bet she’s got the nerve to do that.  And I hope she is instrumental in the bankruptcy of his next big casino… if she can get all the lower-than-white-trash (poker players) to boycott his resorts, that would be awesome.  After all, he implicitly endorsed the white-trash sentiment with his selection of Joan.  If this was the beginning of his undoing, that would be glorious.

My favorite line (when Annie admitted to saying unflattering things about Joan,  long after being compared to Hitler):

Annie:  Sometimes a girl reaches her breaking-point…

Joan (indignant): You’re not a girl, you’re a woman!

Annie:  Too bad you’re not, you old drag-queen.

OK, that wasn’t Annie’s response, but it was in my mind.  That would have been awesome.

So my conclusion is that Trump picked Joan because he’s afraid of her.  And that’s just pathetic.  Only marginally less pathetic than the fact that I care.



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7 responses to “Trump: afraid of Joan Rivers

  1. killer

    i actually tuned in for part of this…joan rivers needs to just shut the hell up and die. her face can’t even move any more. and all she was doing was running down annie duke and being a talking head….she couldnt be honest if her facelifts depended on it.

  2. There is one thing that many people seem to miss in all this- Joan won the final challenge. She won three out of five categories. Piers (I think that is his name– the previous Celebrity Apprentice) made this point when The Donald asked him whom he though should win.
    What’s really pathetic is that many of us spent three hours of our Sunday watching this crap.

    I will also say this: very few of the “celebrities” actually exhibited real integrity. Melissa Rivers was not the only liar on that show.

  3. sorry, but that’s crap. I understand that they wanted to not make it all about the fund-raising, but to give each of those five areas the same weighting was stupid, since several of the categories were very similar. they should have outlined the weighting ahead of time, and it should have been 60% Money and 10% for each of those other areas. Annie almost tripled Joan’s pull, and that should have counted for a lot.

    also, it’s a little thing, but Joan kept referring to “my charity”, “my charity”, “my charity”; and Annie actually named her charity each time — Joan is always all about Joan. except when she’s defending Melissa, I guess.

    from what the audience saw and heard, Joan was responsible for the designer quitting, and Trump could have gotten to the bottom of that. not to mention that Joan QUIT a few episodes ago, and Trump has fired others for implying they would quit of putting themselves in danger (ie. electing to go to the boardroom).

    it was a total con-job on Annie. unfortunately I will probably tune in again next year, just to see the celebrity meltdowns again.

  4. James

    I goog’d “Trump Joan Rivers ridiculous” and stumbled upon your post. Thank you for putting your opinion up. I agree with you entirely, what a damn farce was that show last night. There was nothing remotely professional about Joan’s behavior in last night’s audience “board-room” session, nor has there been all season. Like many other board-rooms of this season, she exhibited a frightening degree of irrational, ego-driven paranoia parading as who-knows-what. What the prime-time viewing public had shoved into their face was a simple validation of blunt force psycho pathetic narcissism, proclaimed the winning combination, the “celebrity apprentice”. Like you, I’m not entirely proud I’ve withstood such a grand waste of time as this show/this season, (especially an always worthless 2nd hour as a price for the memory of when this show used to deliver the goods), but as long as the final didn’t include Joan AND Melissa, you felt reason, intelligence, character and integrity might redeem all the nonsense this time around. Not that this show is much interested in these qualities anymore, if ever. Alas, I talk too much, just to speak. Conclusion: Trump’s the disingenuous sell-out we suspected him to be, though with just a shade of possibility he’s actually presenting a perverse truth: Screwed up folks like Joan Rivers and her spawn will do and say ANYTHING to win, including ranting like a spoiled damaged child, without embarrassment, in front of a national audience, no matter the cost to their reputations. As for myself, I will turn away from any future attention to Trump, Rivers or Apprentice.

  5. I would say that, no matter how infuriating it may have been, the show as a whole has met its objective: people watched, people are talking about it, and people will watch again. Win win win!
    Plus, it was good publicity for at least one of the companies involved.

  6. Well said James. Kelly, you’re right too, it succeeded in it’s objectives… I just feel like we’re all a little worse off for going through it. anything that reinforces the idea that that kind of behaviour is acceptable and will be rewarded brings us all down — I’m trying not to take this TOO seriously, but I’ve been under some stress lately and I have to focus it somewhere…

  7. I think that our television viewing habits have become the stuff of science fiction from 20 years ago. How long before we have our own version of Running Man (I think that is the movie I want)?

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