more on the Real Celebrity Apprentice

Annie Duke: Joan Rivers is a Full of S*** Drama Queen 
It’s submitted by “Guest”, but it sounds like it could easily be a real post from Annie.

Gamblers Claim Annie Duke Got Hosed in Celebrity Apprentice Finale

‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Annie Duke defends herself on ‘Ellen’
Pre-finale, and I haven’t actually watched the clip yet, but it sounds interesting. 

And the actual quote from my other post:

Joan Rivers: “You are a two-faced person. You have said I’m a cancer. You said you hoped I would die. You never said it to my face!”

Annie Duke: “For six boardrooms, I sat here and acted professional.”

Joan: “Professional-ly.”

Annie: “And there’s only so much a girl can take.”

Joan: “You’re not a girl anymore, darling. You’re a woman.”

Is that really supposed to be some kind of insult?  Is a ‘woman’ supposed to buck-up take more crap from people than a ‘girl’?  Or is everything out of that old bag’s mouth just sarcastic drivel?

OK, maybe I can get past this now…  Pray for me.



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2 responses to “more on the Real Celebrity Apprentice

  1. I, for one, thought the grammar correction was funny. I sit on the sofa and correct TV grammar all the time, as does Jon. I think that makes us nerds, but I am not sure.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Joan Rivers. However, she puts me in mind of the fable about the snake. “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

  2. grammar correction from the couch is one thing. grammar correction in front of friends and family is another. grammar correction on live TV, when you won’t stop yelling and give someone the courtesy of finishing their sentences — kind of incongruent. it’s a lesson I still struggle to learn, but sometimes it’s better to be gracious than corrective.

    did I just use the word ‘gracious’ in a response about Joan Rivers? yikes.

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