I finally saw the screen adaptation of the Chuck Palaniuk novel.  pretty much exactly what I expected; if the two lead actors were named Norton and Pitt, it might have been as big as Fight Club (MetaCritic was not so kind).  then again, Fight Club wasn’t that big at the box office, but grew a cult following after the initial release.  this will have a similar, but much smaller, cult following among Palaniuk/FightClub fans…  beyond that, I wouldn’t expect the audience to grow any.  I think the actors and the screenplay are virtually on-par with FC; in fact, I didn’t realize reading the book how similar it was to FC — the support group scenes, etc…  anyhow, worth a rental if your a fan of the book.  the “rape” scene was hilarious (yes, I realize the insensitivity/absurdity of that statement — but you have to see it to understand).

for those of you that thought this post had anything to do with the Caps, shame on you;  


Caps Version:

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  1. Bryan H

    I enjoyed Choke in the theater. It was a little slow paced, but I thought it was a pretty good adaptation. I like Sam Rockwell, though he was way different than what I imagined the main character to be in the book. I watched it with two people who had not read the book and they were really surprised(in a good, funny way) and laughed out loud at some of the dialogue and situations. I’ll still take FC the movie though.

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