why must Janeane Garafalo ruin everything?

so, one of my favourite songs on one of my favourite new albums has a cameo from a certain fan of “microwaved chocolate doughnuts”… and after watching this, I don’t think I can ever listen to the song the same way again.

that’s right, I’m talkin’ bout Snacktime.

you know, she could be right — she could be 100% right, and she still just sounds like a smarmy bitch.  her attitude that she is so much smarter than everyone else, and that those fools on the right are just so stupid they’ll believe anything… well anyone that believes her based on this response falls in that exact same category, except for the other team (obviously).  writing off an entire swath of the country who doesn’t fall in line with your ideology as people with ‘reptilian brains’ is just… sad.  attributing it all to racism is just… odd (and sad).

in other news, my daughter was singing this in the car yesterday as we were driving to the mall:

“oh nooo, no, I never go to work.”

she was rewarded with “They Might Be Giants: Here Come the 123s”… the first CD I’ve purchased in, well, in years.

[below: zip forward to 0:30]


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One response to “why must Janeane Garafalo ruin everything?

  1. I don’t understand why she is held up (by Olberman at least, I don’t know about others) as a credible analyst? Really? Wasn’t she in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion?

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