this just in…

the Barenaked Ladies broke up.

well, Steve Page is gone; and as far as I’m concerned, he and Ed were the Barenaked Ladies.

my wife broke the news to me thusly:  “oh yeah, the other week*, Jodi told me Steve Perry left the Barenaked Ladies.”  close, but not quite.

and why did it not cross your mind to tell me this the-other-week-ago?  I’ve been a fan since my bootleg copy of The Yellow Tape and that early concert at Ontario Place, 1991?  1992?

not that I’m all that broken up about it.  I guess Stephanie Ford ended up being their Yoko Ono.  it was bound to happen eventually.  “King of Bedside Manner” to follow…

— dude, Steve’s Yoko ad-lib in the middle of that song is exactly why BNL will never be the same.


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