the two proudest moments of my hockey career

as I reported a few days ago, Wendel Clarke had two, clear, “proudest moments” in his hockey career.

it made me think of what my two proudest hockey moments might be.

let’s see… I didn’t get drafted — I quit youth hockey when it became incompatible with my sleeping-in schedule…

I suppose the first is my role as Faculty Advisor to the Salisbury State Hockey Club. This was back in 1995/1996, and they needed some “faculty” support. I was a contract employee with the university, and that seemed to fit the bill. SU hockey was fun, and it’s really the only year I played that was full-contact (everything else has been “adult hockey”, aka “we all have to work in the morning, so no rough stuff”), but if my involvement as ‘faculty’ had anything to do with the continuation of the program and the ability of the team to continue, then that’s a substantial accomplishment. I also got my head shaved after a big win (or was it a big loss?), which tested the limits of my first (and current) wife.

What is still amazing to me is that my wife (girlfriend at the time) actually traveled with us on the  school/state bus, and somehow thought it was a good idea to stick with me. And this wasn’t a nice charter bus; this was a 12-person van with hockey bags in an open trailer… I think she knitted on one of the road trips. No doubt after that — she was a keeper.

Nowadays, I hear the team is actually drawing people from the DC area to play (no scholarships or anything, but something). So who knows; Go Gulls!

as for my second proudest moment… let’s hope I have a few years left on the ice to figure that one out.



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5 responses to “the two proudest moments of my hockey career

  1. Bryan H

    Moment number 2? I seem to remember a certain goal celebration complete with hilarious drunken re-enactment…oh, wait you said proud.

  2. killer

    alas i have none…just a boatload of fond memories

  3. Karen

    First (and current) wife? Sounds a little ominous to me. Everyone was pretty tame on the bus; fortunately (or not) I was in a car BEHIND the bus the time the bottle full of urine came flying out of the window.

  4. killer

    ahh pissing in a cup and throwing it out the window onto our bags in the open trailer behind the van…thank you for reminding me of that fond memory…and thank you stiffy

  5. rob

    Hmmm… I’ve given this quite a bit of thought actually. Let me start by saying that I’ve never been one of those photographic memory of every single shift kind of guys, I’d rather focus on playing and shutting down the other team.
    I do remember recording the very first assist on the very first goal of my first team’s existence, in its’ first game, during the final minute of a complete blow out loss, staving off what would have been an embarrassing shut out… that was cool, but I’m a defenseman, and an assist in a loss is cold comfort…
    I even scored a goal once, I remember it, but I don’t even remember which team I was playing for at the time…
    I really come back to this one though…
    Returning to hockey after missing a few seasons, getting placed on the same team that most of my friends had been assigned after the original one had dissolved… I feel like I’ve lost a step, maybe two, but it is just great to be out there on the ice again. Anywho, game one ends, and I can’t remember a single play from that game, just how good it felt. Diving in front of shots, breaking up passes, and seeing the frustration on the faces of the opposing forwards, the whole bit. The thing that I do remember, and what I consider to be my proudest hockey moment is… when, after the game, in the cold ‘locker room’, out of nowhere my friend Killer gets up in front of the team and flips me the game puck and says how nice it is to have a defensive defenseman again. That’s my moment.
    Thanks, Killer.

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