interesting thought as 100,000 (and Oprah) gather to hear Obama speak…

“The darkest moments in world history have occurred during the confluence of a bad economy and a charismatic leader.”  Tim Slagle

not that I’m expecting the worst, but then nobody expects the worst at moments like this — they’re too wrapped up in the Audacity of Hope and Change they can Believe In.

they’re calling it Obama-palooza.  meh.



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3 responses to “interesting thought as 100,000 (and Oprah) gather to hear Obama speak…

  1. update: I thought the speech was very good. he seemed very relaxed, surprisingly so.

  2. It’s that “relaxed” that bothers me. Truly, he has just signed up for a grueling task. If he is really that calm, I think that speaks to a lot of hubris. Anyone who believes he is up for the task probably isn’t.
    Oh well. At least there’s still the filibuster.

  3. Bryan H

    Bassplayer’s wife-I don’t think being relaxed in that moment is a problem. (For the record, I’m not sure he was that relaxed, certainly poised.) It must have been a mixture of great relief, joy and bittersweet sorrow (about his grandmother) as he stood on that stage. If he wants to take a night between a grueling campaign and the “real” job that now follows, then I don’t begrudge him that. Whether he is up for the task remains to be seen, but I don’t think hubris was on display last night.(Not any more than the ego that any person who thinks they can be president posesses, at least.) Nor do I think hubris will be his downfall.

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