so I walked the long walk across the parking lot from our client site, thinking I’d treat myself to a Baconator.  the line is suprisingly short, and the gentleman at the register places his order.  nothing out of the ordinary…

then the gentleman turns to his companion (likely his daughter).  she has a cell-phone up to her ear, and rattles off her order: one of their super-deluxe salads I think (I honestly don’t remember).  then she orders a cheeseburger, or something.  (ordering details from this point forward get fuzzy, as my rage builds.)

then she cancels that burger.  she asks the cashier for clarification on the #2, does that come with [something]?  the cashier says yes, she says yes into the phone, the voice on the phone says OK (I can only imagine), and she says OK.  “does it come with cheese?”  same cycle of relaying information through the cell phone…

“so what would your brother like,” she asks…


now, I’ve waited behind people writing checks at the grocery store, and I’ve stood behind people that dispute their charges to the cash register, but this was ABOVE AND BEYOND.  I cleared my throat a few times, hoping she’d realize there were people behind her.  I made eye contact with the cashier as if to say, “uh, can you move us along…” and no dice.

apparently unable to get the order translated through her other child, she says “well, then put him on.”

I burst out, “OH COME ON! You’ve got to be kidding me!”  She doesn’t flinch.

“Seriously,” I plead to the cashier, “you’ve got to ask her to step aside and write down her order.”  I say this because she has been writing down the order on a napkin the whole time, and is using it to verify the order with the cahsier — 50% of which is wrong each time, and they have to start again.

I know this has only taken 30 seconds to describe to you, but it was no less than several minutes in line.  the cashier shrugs, the b*tch on the phone is oblivious, and waits for her other kid to get on the phone and place his order.  and another kid.

the next five minutes are a bit of a blur, as there is discussion over what comes on a 1/4 single with cheese, etc, etc — all of it being relayed from cashier to customer to her kid (via cell phone) to customer to cashier.  oh, and then she wants a baked potato, but gets all high-maintenance about what is going on it.  bacon?  LIKE SHE DOESN”T REALISE SHE”S AT A WENDY”S…

the kicker, the really really aggrevating thing, is that at the end of all of it she didn’t even attempt to make nice.  she didn’t hang up on her kids and say, “sorry” to the rest of us.  and this really wasn’t a 30-second delay, it was a good chunk of the 30-minute lunch break I was giving myself before some other meeting back at the office.

I understand that the Baconator is engineered by the good people at Wendy’s to crank my blood pressure up to (something horrifically bad), but this time it was there before I even placed my order.

luckily, nothing a little ‘mayo on the side’ couldn’t cure.



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7 responses to “[untitled]

  1. killer

    omg that is hilarious…how did you not slap the phone out of her hand ferris bueller style??!!

    i’ve never had this experience at a fast food joint but too many times at the walmart i get in the 20 items or less lane behind some jackass with 40 things…one has to hope that there is a special place in hell for people such as these…

  2. killer — it took all the physical restraint I have in my whole body not to lash out at her. it was like Fight Club where I envisioned my peaceful place, and the I burnt it all down, hoping it would engulf that woman.

    that she has to live with the hell of her children dictating what they want — that was about enough for me. I’ll surprise my kids with chicken-burgers or something, but I if don’t have the patience to get them to articulate what they want, make sure that they’re happy with “fast food!”.

    don’t underestimate how livid I was.

  3. Jon has had some fast food rage incidents. The worst was BK in ocean city– around 26th street? Yep, the manager threatened to call the police and Jon never even raised his voice– he simply asked that or order be corrected or our money refunded. Problem was, he did it with some rather salty language.

  4. Karen

    See, and when my rage reached the boiling point, I’d have turned and walked out and vocalized to everyone within earshot exactly why I was doing it. Isn’t there also a McDonalds within walking distance? Wait–didn’t your wife pack you a lunch?

  5. Karen, your reaction is more like my typical response. I have been known to leave a cart of groceries at the checkstand.

  6. Karen

    Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?

  7. Bryan H

    I feel your pain. When this happens to me I figure it is God’s way of telling me I shouldn’t be eating fast food. Clearly I have not yet heeded his warning.
    Killer-great pull on the Ferris Beuller reference-classic

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