Freecycle cronicles

11. WANTED: Bumbo baby sitter
12. OFFER: Ferret cage

close enough in my book.

for those of you who are unaware: Freecycle.  a place where you can get a bag of 2T (toddler) clothes for $0, and sort through what you might want to use and what ought to be thrown away (or Freecycled to another…)

good stuff.  unfortunately treadmills and ellipticals rarely come available…



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3 responses to “Freecycle cronicles

  1. Freecycle rocks! I am getting a composter for our backyard courtesy of Freecycle. The only downside, in my opinion, is the barrage of emails I receive when I have something on offer. Not the first wave, but the emails that come a week or more later. I want to ask, “Did you really think that no one would want this four-month supply of Proactiv?”

  2. Karen

    I love Freecycle, but I have to draw the line–yesterday the e-mail subject line said “Offer-NetiPot”. Ewww. I’m not using someone’s used snot buster.

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