second biggest fear

…this election cycle:

The European Union says the world should operate under a new financial system that is more like the EU; more regulated, more socialist, etc.  Bush has agreed to participate in a summit to discuss.

Now, which presidential candidate would be more likely to buy into a UN-style New World Financial Order?

If you answered “Obama” — welcome to my second biggest fear regarding the upcoming election.  Not enough to push me into the McCain camp, but enough to make me nervous.  [shiver]


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One response to “second biggest fear

  1. I heard the lady in the cube next to me actually telling a customer (this in and of itself makes me seethe) that, “I’m not registered to vote, but if I was I would vote for Obama. He’s more for the working people. I can’t afford McCain.”

    I actually said a little prayer of thanksgiving, because this was three days past the registration deadline.

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