my biggest fear for this election cycle

it’s not the Obama – McCain race that is all that interesting to me.  neither guy wins my vote.  neither guy is scary enough to compel me to vote against him.  I’ll argue for one and against the other based more on the issue/position of the person that I’m talking with…  (more on that in another post).

but as I told a co-worker over lunch this week, what I do fear is a united Capitol, under either party.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how ineffective the Democrats have been under Nancy Pelosi — I really thought that was going to be a sea change when they arrived.  I thought they were going to get us out of Iraq, like ASAP, the very first week they started their term.  which might not have been a bad idea, I’m just amazed at their lack of resolve.

anyhow, the Wall Street Journal has a brief outline of what America might expect under A Liberal Supermajority.  enjoy.


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