perfect season so far

settling in to the Caps game tonight, I’m proud to say I’ve watched all the locally televised games this year — 3 for 3, and I listened to them beat up on the Canucks on the radio (crappy AM radio, no less).  I’ve got tix for six regular season games locked in, which is about how many games I typically see spread out over two seasons.

good times.

Let’s Go Caps!

Go Leafs Go!



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2 responses to “perfect season so far

  1. Bryan H

    I’m jealous. Since I don’t have Comcast SportsNet, the only game I’ve been able to watch was the Vancouver game that was on Versus. I plan on getting a dish so that I’ll be able to watch the Caps, but this week has been a tad busy with more important things.

  2. and right now I’m watching the Caps on TV, muted, and listening to Leafs-Pens on good times indeed.

    unfortunately, I forgot to shuffle my roster today to play Malkin vs. the Leafs, so I bet I’ll miss out on some points tonight. maybe they’ll shut him down because I benched him. maybe.

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