Best Post of All Time

… for me at least…  I can’t believe the continuing number of hits I get on the whole “Best Hockey Songs of All Time” series.  Even when it’s not a lot, they generally rank quite high.

So maybe it’s time for a “Best Hockey Songs of 2008/2009” thread… I’m open to suggestions.  I should probably eliminate any of the songs on last years list; although that cuts out a bunch of really great hockey songs.

Add your votes for “best hockey songs of all time” to the comments.

from last year…

Best Hockey Songs of All Time

#1: Fifty Mission Cap

#2: Hockey Night In Canada Theme

#3: Lonely End of the Rink

#4: Heaven Is A Better Place Today

#5: Good Old Hockey Game

#6: Fireworks

#7 The Kid Is Hot Tonight


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One response to “Best Post of All Time

  1. Bryan H

    I submit Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2” only because I loved it when it would be played after a Caps’ goal at the old Cap Centre. I seem to remember being buried in a pile of humanity a time or two as that song blared and the siren wailed after the Caps scored.

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