sweetest 7 words ever uttered

“I want to play hockey with daddy”

I swear; straight from my daughters mouth.  we were looking at the Parks&Rec hockey programs, but I didn’t sat anything specific to prompt her response… it’s not like she was just mimicing me.  I was talking about how much fun hockey is, and she blurted this out.

obviously, I melted.



Filed under I believe that hockey is our future, I believe the children are our future

3 responses to “sweetest 7 words ever uttered

  1. They start pretty young here, but I think it is like four years old. I love the little skating “walkers” the rinks have for the little ones. I think they might call them plows? Anyway, this Florida-raised 30-something wishes there were grown-up plows.

  2. Bryan H

    That’s great. May we all be so lucky.

  3. Karen

    Bryan–I swear I told Chris to call you on the spot when she said that so that you’d know how much fun you’re in for with your little girl! The very earliest skating instruction starts at age 3, so it won’t be this winter…

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