did Biden get a botched eye-job?

Seriously, I tried to watch my Tivo’d Meet-The-Press tonight, and I had to turn away from the disfigured face of Joe Biden:

Looking at past pictures of Biden on the web, including MTP appearances, it’s clear that he used to speak with his eyes open.  Now, it’s a squint at best.  And when he looks incredulous, his right eye (left on screen) get completely creepy — see the video at 0:51-0:54.

Or is it just me?

Update:  oh, Biden just wimpered that he has the 49th or 50th highest net worth of Senators, second to last on the list.  oh Joe!, you’re such a common-guy! … nevermind that the 49th highest net worth Senator probably has a net worth higher than 90-95% of all Americans.  insincerity, thy name is Biden.

Update2: but it looks like I agree with Biden on abortion.  wow, who would have thought.  of course, his answer was so winding and convoluted that I may misremember the implications of his description.


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