prediction: Tina Fey cameos on SNL

… as Sarah Palin.  you heard it here first.



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3 responses to “prediction: Tina Fey cameos on SNL

  1. follow up prediction: Tina Fey will appear on 30_Rock with a hockey stick in the fall season (ie. before Nov 4).

    if not a hockey stick, perhaps hockey gloves, skates, with a whistle, or pounding on some glass — anything playing up the “hockey mom” vibe.

    also may refer to herself as ‘becoming a hockey mom’, or fear of becoming a hockey mom, and then somehow morphing into a Republican. (nausea and vomiting would likely follow.)

  2. and then she’ll put on some lipstick, and give a rough “growl”, like a pitbull.

    why do I not write for 30_Rock, seriously? this is too easy.

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