my ‘whatever’ of the day

“Ten years ago, that steel was used for making low-efficiency automobiles, so those jobs were part of the dirty economy,” he said. “But now that steel is being used to build wind turbines. So now you can call them green jobs.”

so if you imagine your job having a positive environmental output, you can have a feel-good green-collar job.  and if someone wants to imagine your job having negative environmental output, it’s an evil old dirty job.


I wonder what the kind of job the coal-miners had; I mean the coal miners whose coal fired a power plant that provided energy to an incubator that saved the life of a preemie in the NICU at a hospital.  were they in the dirty-coal business, or were they in the baby-saving business?

Green jobs are especially good “because they cannot be easily outsourced, say, to Asia,”

Right, because steel jobs can’t be outsourced to Asia.  They’re green-collar jobs now, right?  Oh what, steel has been largely outsourced overseas?  But, but, how can that be?


[quotes from Millions of Jobs of a Different Collar, NYT March 26, 2008]



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4 responses to “my ‘whatever’ of the day

  1. Karen

    With healthcare being quite environmentally un-friendly, I guess I’ll always have a dirty old job. Why, I should be ashamed to go to work every day. Bad nurse!

  2. brent

    actually, a lot of the steel in america now is from either china or canada. we had a project in hurlock held up by the importing of the steel from Quebec. And the after design design (the fine tuning and shop drawings) came from India through Delmar…just saying…anything can be outsourced.

  3. yeah, that was me being sarcastic.

    my point was that steel jobs already have been outsourced, so they even contradicted their own lame example.

    “green jobs that can’t be outsourced” is my new favorite, totally meaningless, BS-piled-on-BS catch phrase. anyone who uses the term with a straight face is dead to me.

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